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Lists for Women

Here are a list of various lists which are available on the Net which address academic or professional interests pertaining to women or gender. I've provided one click access for you to mail your subscription requests to each list. In addition, each list address is written out, in case you want to record it to contact later. Please let me know if you have any lists which you would like added to this compilation.

How to Join a List

To join a list, send a message to the list name (LISTSERV@xxxxxx) (change the xxx to the names shown below) with the following in the body of the message (no subject needed) :

subscribe (list-name) (firstname lastname)

(Replace list-name with the name of the list-serve, replace firstname and lastname with your firstname and lastname.)

AFRO-TECHIES is a list for technically-inclined women of African descent. To subscribe send a message to AFRO-TECHIES-REQUEST@PERSEPHONE.HAMPSHIRE.EDU with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

CYBORG-L is run by Women on the Net (, a UNESCO-SID project to provide a multicultural gender perspective on international communications systems. To subscribe, send a blank message to CYBORG-L@LIST.WIGSAT.ORG and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject header (not in the body of the message).

F-EMAIL is a British list whose purpose is to "facilitate discussion and information exchange on gender differences in use of computer communication, noting both the prevalent view that internetworking is a predominantly male domain, but also suggestions that females may in fact be better suited to computer-mediated communication." To subscribe, send the message JOIN F-EMAIL Your Name to MAILBASE@MAILBASE.AC.UK .

FEMTECH provides an environment where women can assist each other with PC-related (personal computer) issues. All computer questions on the PC platform are welcome, be they about hardware or software. To subscribe, send a message to JSTURM@IX.NETCOM.COM with the subject: SUBSCRIBE.

FISTFeminism in/and Science and Technology is an unmoderated list for discussion of feminism and science and technology. Click to subscribe or write to:

Gender is a moderated list devoted especially to "discussion of issues pertaining to the study of communication and gender". Click here to subscribe.

GRANITE aims to stimulate research in the field of gender and new information technologies and to provide a platform for discussions about theories and research from a feminist/women's studies perspective. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL or LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET.

GRRLTALK is a list for women who are interested in the GNU/Linux operating system, the Open Source Software movement, and/or the efforts of the Free Software Foundation. The list also welcomes discussions about women and technology. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GRRLTALK Your email-address to GRRLTALK-REQUEST@LINUXCHIX.ORG . More information can be found at the GRRLTALK web page (

INET-GRRLS is a forum for women in the technical end of the Internet business--ISP business owners, SysAdmins, network gurus, techies, etc. Sample topics: how to tweak procmail filters, what constitutes "dressed up" at all-women's events, collecting from deadbeat clients, how women are treated at technical industry events, etc. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to INET-GRRLS-REQUEST@USERS.LINK-NET.COM with SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message.

ISOC-WOMEN-DISCUSS has been established to "promote positive actions relating to Internet-related topics as they impact women around the globe." Examples of appropriate topics are Internet access, information access, technology access, and Internet training access. You must be a member of the Internet Society (ISOC) ( to join. Members of the Internet Society can join ISOC-WOMEN-DISCUSS by sending the message SUBSCRIBE ISOC-WOMEN-DISCUSS Your Name to LYRIS@LYRIS.ISOC.ORG.

LISstands for Lesbians in Science and is a list for lesbians in industry, universities, government labs, etc. Click to subscribe or write to:

MAC-WOMEN is a Macintosh help forum for women only, designed "to provide women who are Mac experts a chance to share their knowledge, and to provide women who are Mac users a comfortable, low-volume forum for learning more about all things Macintosh." To subscribe, send the one-word message SUBSINGLE (for regular version) or SUBSCRIBE (for digest version) to MAC-WOMEN-REQUEST@LISTS1.BEST.COM .

NOGLSTP is operated by the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals. Click to subscribeor write to:

Systersis a private, unmoderated mailing list intended to allow professional women in the field of computing - i.e., with a degree (or currently a student) in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or holding an equivalent technical positio n in industry, academia, or government - to discuss issues of mutual interest. If your primary professional identification is "women in computing" and you wish to be put on the list, please send mail to Syste Please include your name, net address, description of your involvement in computer science, and a statement that you are willing to abide by the rules for usage. 1. Please put "addsyster" in the subject field of the message. 2. Please give your net address in the following format on a seperate line anywhere in the message: email address (Name).

VS-ONLINE-STRAT is an online forum focusing on issues directly related to women's organizations' utilization of electronic communication and publishing technologies--where the roadblocks are to engaging women's organizations fully in the electronic communications world and what strategies work. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE VS-ONLINE-STRAT to MAJORDOMO@IGC.APC.ORG . [NOTE: The list's first letter is V, not U.]

WEBWOMEN is a list where women involved in web professions network, share technical tips, marketing ideas, resources, and design. The list style is said to be casual and supportive. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WEBWOMEN to MAJORDOMO@SWEETHOMES.COM. This list is not connected to the four "webwomen" lists that follow in this listing.

WEBWOMEN-CHAT is a non-technical list for women on the web, "to keep the chatter away from the focused, technical lists" (presumably WEBWOMEN-HTML and WEBWOMEN-TECH, below). To subscribe, send a message with just the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject: header to WEBWOMEN-CHAT-REQUEST@NIESTU.COM .

WEBWOMEN-GRAPHICS covers anything pertaining to the creation and/or manipulation of computer graphics, from design to rendering to photo-manipulation to optimizing graphics for web work. To subscribe, send the one-word message SUBSCRIBE in the Subject: header to WEBWOMEN-GRAPHICS-REQUEST@NIESTU.COM .

WEBWOMEN-HTML is a list for women web content developers. To subscribe, send a message with just the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject: header to WEBWOMEN-HTML-REQUEST@NIESTU.COM .

WEBWOMEN-TECH is a list for women involved in the technical side of managing web sites. To subscribe, send a message with just the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject: header to WEBWOMEN-TECH-REQUEST@NIESTU.COM

WOMENSCENTER-L is an approval-only unmoderated list open to people affiliated with the Women's and Gender Resource Center and anyone else interested in women's and feminist resources on the Internet The list provides information about "training chats, RuralWomyn and Women's Center chats, where to get software on the Internet, mentoring, and general education and information." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WOMENSCENTER-L to MAJORDOMO@SOUTHWIND.NET .

WOMENSPACE is a list for the exchange of ideas about how women and women's organizations are using the Internet List members share problems, solutions, resources, and ideas in a women-friendly atmosphere. While contributions from everywhere are welcome, the list has a Canadian focus. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WOMENSPACE Your Name to LISTSERV@YORKU.CA .

Lists Organized by Ethnicity or Religion

Bridges is a moderated list that explores Jewish feminist identity and considers both Jewish and female existence and activism in relation to movements for change. Click here to subscribe or write to

Femrel-L focuses on women and religion and feminist theology. Click here to subscribe or write to: listserv@mizzoul.bitnet.

Helwa-L is a list for Malaysian women in the U.S. and Canada. Click here to subscribeor write to:

South Asian Women's Net is a discussion group for women from the south Asian countries as well as women from other parts of the world interested in the concerns of south Asian women. This forum is open only to women. Click here to subscribe or write to

Wmsprt-Lis an open discussion for women and men interested in goddess spirituality, feminism, and the incorporation of feminism and the incorporation of the feminine/feminist idea in the study and worship of the divine. Click here to subscribe or write to


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