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Internet Governance

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The National Information Infrastructure (Internet)
(Collated in July 1998)

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One Planet, One Net:
CPSR's 1998-99 Campaign on Internet Governance

The National Information Infrastructure (NII) holds great promise for the future. The convergence of communications technologies and the expansion of network services will transform our society and create unparalleled opportunities. CPSR believes that the benefits of the NII should not be framed solely in economic or functional terms. The nation's communications infrastructure should reflect the values of democracy. Ultimately, the success of the NII will be measured by whether it empowers citizens, protects individual rights, and strengthens the democratic institutions on which this country was founded.

Since 1993, the NII has been CPSR's principal program focus. The following resources illustrate CPSR's commitment to this project:


Other resources

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FTP Archives:

Senate Bill S. 1086, to foster the further development of the Nation's telecommunications infrastruct ure through the enhancement of competition, and for other purposes.

Full text of House of Representatives Bill H.R. 1757 to provide for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate development and dissemination of applications of high-performance computing and high-speed networking, and for other purposes, July 1993.

Testimony Presented at Various Hearings

At a hearing in July '92 before the National Commission on Library and Information Science, CPSR recommended a privacy policy for the NREN. Marc Rotenberg, CPSR's Washington Director, offered this testimony .

Donald A. B. Lindberg, M.D.'s Testimony on High Performance Computing and Communications before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee on Technology, Environment, and Aviation, Mar 25, 1993.

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International Information

Meeting minutes from the Internet Mercantile Protocols BOF, 27th IETF Plenary, Amsterdam, July 1993.

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on International E-Mail Accessability (Note: Expires: 17 Jul 1993 04:00:05 GMT)

Larry Landweber, Univ. of Wisconsin's note on (ftp) International Connectivity, Version 9 - August 1, 1993.
Includes details, e.g., on connections, sites, contacts, protocols, etc.


Clyde Forrest's Information Policy Conference report, held in Vancouver on November 19-21, 1993. It was an amazing event which clarified Canadian municipal, provincial, & federal policy issues and FreeNet action.

A discussion draft of the paper: Blueprint for Renewing Government Services Using Information Technology, a Message from the President of the Treasury Board of Canada, Apr 1994.

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Collated on July 5, 1998, by Marsha Woodbury

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