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NII Policy Pages

(Created in 1994)

The University of California at Santa Cruz (InfoSLUG) has a great directory about government info.

The Merit Netowrk Information Center maintains a good resource for policy work of the past. Merit's NII Directory

Communications and Media Policy program at MIT offers a Digital Information Infrastructure Guide, designed to facilitate the development of the National Information Infrastructure. MIT also has a Research Program on Communications Policy.

Federal Information Resources (INDEX.omb) documents from the Information Policy Branch, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget of the U.S. government

MetaNet gopher site supports users of the Meta Network, covering issues including management, organizational change and development, education, the arts and the humanities, the impact of technology on society, the future, law, health, the environment, public policy, and reinventing government.

An Internet Policy statement: "What Should We Plan Given the Dilemma of the Network?" by G. Cook

Scholarly Communi cation in the Network Environment Issues of Principle, Policy, and Practice, by Brian Kahin

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