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CPSR Spam Page

Spam on the Internet consists of two distinct types - Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) and massive off-topic crossposting on Usenet newsgroups or Listserv email lists. The former (UCE) is of main concern to CPSR, as it violates several key privacy principles that we hold dear:

  • Individuals should know about information collected about them;
  • they should be able to control the disemination of that information;
  • and direct marketers should only contact those who ask to be contacted (those who "opt in").

However, we also agree that the latter type is a nuisance, as it can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of this very inclusive communications medium called the Internet. For more information on Usenet Spam, check out The Net Abuse FAQ.

Two CPSR members have recently published informative articles on the net detailing how to combat Spam, and detailing their first-hand experiences fighting the good fight -- they are excellent resources if you intend to go that route yourself:

Here are some other organizations and resources that are helpful in the fight against Spam:

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