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E-Liberate - Registration of Interest

Registration of Interest
We are currently working with organizations that want to try the e-Liberate deliberation system in an actual meeting. All meeting attendees should have some familiarity with Roberts Rules of Order upon which this system was developed. It is important to note that that at this point we are only interested in hosting meetings in which actual issues are being discussed and actual decisions will be made.

Please fill in this form to register your interest in using e-Liberate in an online meeting. Thank you for your interest -- and for your good work!

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We will do all we can to ensure that information about your meeting that is not generic will be kept private. We will not reveal the name of your organization or any participants nor the contents of any discussion or motions that occur during meetings. We will, however, use information that is generic including meeting types, number of participants, numbers of motions, length of meetings, etc. in articles and other public forums.

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