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Pattern Language Project Principles
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A Pattern Language for Living Communication

Principles, version 0.1

The Pattern Language project will strive to engage people from all over the world in a broad participatory process which includes opportunities to develop content (the patterns and the pattern language) as well as helping to steer the project (governance).

The aim of the Pattern Language project is to craft a high-quality, "utopian" yet pragmatic vision for the development of information and communication systems that is:

  • Accessible (easy to use and understand);
  • Bridging (blurs -- and transcends -- boundaries between activists, researchers, citizens, etc. );
  • Coherent (internally consistent, comprehensive, works as network);
  • Compelling (graphic, active, meaningful);
  • Collective (reflects the broad range of opinion; broad participation during development; helps build community and movement);
  • Countering (presents a point of view that counters negative trends in dominant communication and information systems);
  • Independent (not beholden to special interests)
  • Effective (yields good results); and
  • Integrative and leveraging (builds on and helps connect the hundreds of thousands (millions) of projects worldwide).

We will consciously apply values related to community and civic intelligence and creativity. These values include equity, peace, civic and community development, tolerance, environmental and social amelioration, social learning and problem solving, etc

We will include patterns that encourage progressive change.

We will use the project to help build collaborations, to encourage appropriate research and to engage and ducate the public.

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Created before October 2004

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