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Problem: Communication Systems Worldwide are Flawed

Problem: Communication Systems Worldwide are Flawed

They are Asymmetric:

Producers are often rich / white / male / from the "developed" north
Consumers are often poor / non-white / female / from the less "developed"south

Distracting, Deceptive, Stereotyping, Violent

Not particularly socially and environmentally ameliorative

Useful information (especially for social change) is hard to find. Existing communication systems sustain the status quo, often in opposition to positive social or environmental change.

Corporations and governments control communication systems E.g... Bush backer sponsoring pro-war rallies or Internet Filtering Worldwide

Civil society (and marginalized groups) left out! (As consumer or producer.) The creativity, intelligence, compassion of civil society is thwarted.

When they're bad they're horrible, when they're good, they're not great...

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