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Problems with Pattern Constituents

Problems with Patterns Constituents

The overall pattern:

    is a plan, not a pattern
    is a report or case study
    doesn't meet values criteria
    subject is too general
    subject is too specific
    subject is not relevant
    contains "interesting observations" only
    is a "meeting notice" or pointer to another site.
    doesn't address a problem
    isn't "useful" or usable
    needs to be subdivided into two or more patterns 

The title:

    is a question
    contains two (or more) parts
    is a narrative or description
    is not a noun phrase
    represents an undesired state. 

Possible problems with Problem:

    No problem identified
    Problem statement is ambiguous
    Evidence of problem is not adequate
    Negative consequences of problem not shown or are not convincing
    Analysis of problem is not adequate 

The context:

    isn't a context
    doesn't say where pattern could be used
    is too specific 

The discussion:

    doesn't provide enough supporting evidence
    doesn't specify who pattern user is
    doesn't describe how to use pattern
    doesn't include where to go for more information

The solution:

    isn't clear
    doesn't adequately cover relationships
    isn't a solution (it restates the problem, for example)

The Introductory Graphic:

    is missing
    is a diagram
    is confusing
    is irrelevant 

The Concluding Graphic:

    is missing
    is confusing
    is irrelevant 

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