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Pattern network

Examples for Living Communication

Networks of Synergistic Patterns

Public Health

     Public Health information
     Enhancing Access to Relevant Health Information
     Effective Mutual-Help Medical Websites
     Online Interaction Spaces
     Online Communities Become Collaborators in Research
     Citizen Science

Community IT Skills Development

     Community-Based Information Technology Workforce Development"
     Tele-Community Development"
     Public Information Infrastructure for Workforce Development
     Techsmart: A Catalytic Approach to Digital Development
     Innovation Networks for Sustainable Workforce Development
     Crossing the Divide Through Service
     Community Technology and Community Building
     Using Technology for Social Engagement of the Aged
     Coordinating Government and Community Technology Initiatives
     Using Internet to Develop Learning Environments
     Small Successes Early
     Civic Experimentation / Community Research and DevelopmentD
     From Digital Divide to Doing Democracy
     Beware the Digital Subdivide: ICTs and Human Security
     After-School Programs and the Network Society
     Community of Communities for Social Change

Intellectual Property

     Open Source Software and Non-Profits
     Open Source Classification and Democratic Search Engines
     Open Source Cultural Database
     VIRTUOSE: a VIRTual CommUnity Open Source Engine
     The Commons
     Defending the Commons
     Filesharing Revolution
     Right to Radio Spectrum

User Empowerment

     User-Driven Software Quality Labelling
     User Satisfaction Measurements
     Trade union as User-Movement
     Interdisciplinary Usability Research
     Incremental IT Deployment
     IT Provider Stipulate User Commitment
     Participatory Design


     Whole Cost
     Power Research
     Village Accountability
     Using Collaborative Technologies for Civic Accountability
     Microradio Autonomous Zone Array
     Community and Civic Indicators
     Communication Rights: Cyber Activism and Incarceration
     Accessibility, ICTs and the Network Society

Thanks to Andrew Dearden for suggesed these clusters!
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