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Differences Between Our Approach and Alexander's

Our Approach and Alexander's


Both stress participatory, non-"expert" process

Use same underlying structure (patterns and pattern language)

Both are "utopian" but pragmatic

Both advocate repair (and, hence, are "conservative")


Ours is built upon a proven foundation (Alexander's!)

Different focus area (communication "spaces" not built spaces)

Focus area is not tangible -- you can't look at it! One consequence is that we can't display or diagram our patterns as well as Alexander can.

Uses computer / networked technology all all phases of project. New opportunities. New constraints?

Embraces "political" (i.e. social) action and advocacy

(Acknowledging that entire new paradigms [such as Alexander's] don't take place autonomously; they exist within more inclusive pre-established systems that attempt to exclude alternatives)

International / worldwide

Intended to be an impetus for changing and organizing; frame and focus issues

Jumpstart with lots of patterns -- get going faster, then pare down

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