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Progress / Status

Progress / Status

Wide coverage of topics covered in pattern proposals (but not wide enough in my opinion)

170 (or so) patterns, 120 (or so) authors

Preliminary categorization (determined in DIAC-02 workshop)

Submissions from 25 (or so) countries

Patterns were strong theme of DIAC-02 ("call for patterns)

Presented at DIAC-02

Online system operative (pattern language project & conference linked)

We added themes and categories

Search facilities

Online reviewing (approx. 100 pattern proposals submitted for symposium via system)

Open space technology sessions at DIAC-02 in Seattle

Pattern presentation and workshop at PDC '02 in Malmo

Development process consists of eight main steps:

 [1] pattern collecting

 [2] pattern discussion and deliberation

 [3] pattern language development

 [4] pattern presentation

 [5] pattern language use

 [6] pattern language evaluation

 [7] pattern language redesign

 [8] pattern language development process redesign

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Created before October 2004

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> Spain

USA Chapters -

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