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We know this site is incomplete! Please send us pointers to other sites you know of conducting Participatory Design projects or training.


Participatory Design Conference  

Sponsored by CPSR, this is the premier conference for Participatory Design in the USA. It has been held biennially on even-numbered years since 1990. Web pages for current and prior conferences can be found on the CPSR web site at: PDC '2002, PDC '2000, PDC '98, PDC '96, PDC '94, and PDC '92. CPSR also sponsors other related conferences. PDC'2000 will be held in the Fall of 2000 in New York City.

IRIS: Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia

CHI: Human Factors in Computer Systems

ECSCW: European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Journals Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems

Computer Supported Cooperative Work: The Journal of Collaborative Computing

Human-Computer Interaction

Organizations CID, Centre for User Oriented IT Design CID is a multidisciplinary competence centre located at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. The primary contact person is Yngve Sundblad. Danish National Centre for IT Research This "center without walls" has sites spread around Denmark and conducts projects in collaboration with government and industry. FIFF: CPSR's sister organization in Germany FIFF has several programs relevant to PD, including its interest group on Informationstechnik für eine lebenswerte Welt (IT for a Livable World). InContext Enterprises "InContext Enterprises specializes in guiding teams in the design of products and processes using Contextual Design, our customer-centered approach. Contextual Design introduces a customer-centered approach to business by bringing in customer data gathered in the field and using it to drive the definition of a product or process, while supporting the needs of teams and their organizations." Information & Design "Information & Design is a usability consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in helping companies produce usable web sites and software to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and sales. We also produce a wide range of documents, both online and paper-based, for a variety of applications." Contact person is Gerry Gaffney. Of special interest is their approach to running participatory design workshops. SonicRim "I [Liz Sanders] am the president of SonicRim and have been practicing participatory design for about 18 years now Ý(first at a design firm called Fitch and now at SonicRim). ÝThe applications of it that we have the most experience with at SonicRim include consumer product development, user interface design and medical systems development. ÝI have presented workshops at all the previous PDC conferences (under my full name Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders)." URCOT: Union Research Centre on Organisation & Technology Ltd "URCOT has given careful attention to developing a methodological approach which places the priority on workplace-based research. The approach is designed to allow those with expertise within the workplace to participate as fully as possible, while ensuring that their research is thorough, rigorous and informed by other relevant research findings and theory. A Handbook has been produced for Investigative Work Group members to introduce them both to the concept of praxis research and to some specific research methods." Educational institutions Aarhus University: Computer Science Department and Information and Media Sciences Department Aarhus University in Denmark is one of the Scandinavian sites of early and continuing work in Participatory Design. Check out the web pages of Susanne Bødker, Kaj Grønbæk, Morten Kyng, Kim Halskov Madsen, and Preben Mogensen. Two relevant projects are DEVISE and DESARTE. University of Karlskrona/Ronneby Högskolan: Institute for Work Science The Institute for Work Science, directed by Bo Helgesen, conducts research and offers a cross-disciplinary curriculum in work science and computer science. One of its primary degree programs is Människor, Datateknik och Arbetsliv (People, Computers, and Work Life). University of Oslo: Department of Informatics, Systems Development Group "The research in the group rests on a tradition emphasising user participation in development of information systems where technical issues are embedded in work-oriented, organizational, and political matters. The group has empasized development of theories and methods for system development, in particular methods based on object oriented modelling and descriptions." The staff includes professors Tone Bratteteig, Kristin Braa, and Ole Hanseth. Roskilde University, Denmark: MUST Research Program "The research program MUST comprises a number of projects conducted since 1989. The purpose of the program is to develop theories of and approaches to systems design. MUST is a Danish acronym for theories of and methods for design activities. The research program has developed a coherent method, the MUST method, for participatory design." Contacts are: Keld Bødker, Finn Kensing, and Jesper Simonsen. Stanford University: Program in Human-Computer Interaction  

Terry Winograd's Master's program with concentration in HCI at Stanford University's Computer Science Department includes project-based courses where students work directly with technology users around assessment and design.

This page is produced by CPSR members Randy Trigg and Andrew Clement. Comments, suggestions and pointers to other resources are welcome.

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