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Correspondence with NY Times

About CPSR's Recent Letter to the New York Times


A number of people involved in the Y2k issue recently (June 13, 1998) wrote a joint
letter to Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., publisher of the New York Times.
We urged him use the powerful influence of the Times "to arouse the
nation to the seriousness of situation."

We said, "It is imperative that we use the few remaining months until
December 31, 1999, to fix what still can be fixed and to prepare the
public for the disruptions that will affect the safety, health and
security of everyone."

We explained why this is such a crucial issue and concluded:
"Because of the urgency action must begin immediately. We are, therefore,
calling on you to speak out now. In the attachment we suggest a number of
things you can do. In addition, many of us have very concrete proposals,
including ways to assure that systems essential for the safety, health
and security of the nation are fixed in time. We would be pleased to
share these with you."

(See also the full text of the original letter.)

Following is the response received from Mr. Sulzberger on June 22nd:

"Thank you for your letter. As the chairman of a company that publishes
dozens of newspapers, let me assure you I am very aware of the Y2k
problem. The New York Times newspaper will continue to cover this issue
thoroughly--for all our sakes.

[handwritten signature]"

On July 21st, we sent a response to the Times' response. The full text of that
is attatched, including the 59 co-signers, and a message for government and
message for the public from the director of marketing communications at Giga
Information Group.

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