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The information in our rumor central page comes from submissions from the Internet. Your submissions are welcome as long as you comply with the following simple rules designed to eliminate hearsay and idle talk.

  • We are not concerned about what activists and practitioners say to each other, but rather in things that get said to the general public. Hence, the standard for publishing a rumor as rumor is that it appears in some paper or electronic publication, or on a web page, where the public may see it. Private mail, or discussions on Usenet or other discussion lists is not necessarily sufficient.
  • A wild rumor is one which can not be attributed to a source who admits to originating it. We prefer not to publish wild rumors, on the pages, but in some cases we might do so.
  • The standard for publishing something as fact is that it must be confirmed by two or more credible sources.
  • A credible source is someone who by virtue of his or her credentials ought to have independent knowledge of the truth or falsity of any statement.
  • We will also accept a respectable publication as a single credible source. It is the sole judgement of working group members which publications we consider credible. The same wire service story published multiple places counts only once.
  • These pages are maintained by volunteer labor. We do not have sufficient time or resources to track down sources and verify facts that a full time professional organization would. Therefore, if you wish to provide us with verification of a fact, you must do the homework.
  • If you saw something in print, please snail mail or fax us a copy of the clipping of the pages showing the publication name and date. In the case of a web page, the URL is sufficient. We may also need the phone number or e-mail address of the publisher so that we can verify the item. A simple citation, such as See page 42 of the November 1994 issue of Commentary Magazine is not enough. We will ignore it.
  • You must include a valid return address, or reply-to address in the case of e-mail. Otherwise we will ignore them.
  • Please don't bother sending hearsay. "I saw it published in numerous sources." is of no help to us without the sources.

 Snail mail to the working group may be addressed to:

P.O. Box 717
Palo Alto, CA 94302
Attention: Y2K Working Group

 Faxes to the working group may be sent to:

+1 (415) 322-4748
Attention: Y2K Working Group

Send e-mail, with an appropriate subject to Alan Russell

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