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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility


CPSR Mission Statement

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) is a public-interest alliance of computer professionals and computer users concerned about the impact of computer technology on society. We work to influence decisions regarding the development and use of computers because those decisions have far-reaching consequences and reflect our basic values and priorities.

As technical experts, CPSR members provide the public and policymakers with realistic assessments of the power, promise, and limitations of computer technology. As concerned citizens, we direct public attention to critical choices regarding applications of computer technology, and how those choices affect society.

Every project we undertake is based on five principles:

  • We foster and support public discussion of and public responsibility for decisions involving the use of computers in systems critical to society.
  • We work to dispel popular myths about the infallibility of technological systems.
  • We challenge the assumption that technology alone can solve political and social problems.
  • We critically examine social and technical issues within the computer profession, nationally and internationally.
  • We encourage the use of computer technology to improve the quality of life.

    CPSR is a democratically organized membership organization. Our accomplishments result from the active involvement of our members, supported by the CPSR staff and computer professionals across the country.

    CPSR gratefully acknowledges the support of our Major Donors in 1997-98:

    D. 0. Alford, Susan Anderson, Kristy Andrews, Brian Arbogast, Henry Balen, Arthur Bardige, Netiva Caftori, Maureen Harris Cheheyl, Earl T. Cohen, Karen Coyle, Ronald B. David, L. Peter Deutsch, Steve Dever, Scot Drysdale, Tom Erickson, Jerry Feldman, Thomas J. Froehlich, Fred Glover, Ed Gould, Roger Goun, Joan Greenbaum, Rick Greer, Loren Hart, Brian Harvey , Andy Higgins , Michael Hooning , Harry S. Hochheiser , International Computer Science Institute , Interval Research Corporation, Robert Johansen, Professor Richard Karp, Michael Kazar, Michael J. Kelly, Glenn B. Manishin, Jonathan Mark, W. Anthony Mason, James Mayfield, Microsoft Corporation, Steven E. Miller, David W. Mitchell, Aki Namioka, Elizabeth Nelson, Jon Newman, Erik Nilsson, Landon Curt Noll, Thomas O'Malley, Pacific Telesis, Carl B. Page, Robert Pesner, DianaPeterson, John Pochmara, Gertrude Reagan, Deborah Rennels, Teresa Robert, David Robson, Robert G. Rogers Jr., Larry S. Rosenstein, Marc Rotenberg, Richard Sands, John Schweizer, Ellen Spertus, Daniel L. Stock, Saul Tannenbaum, Jon Thatcher, Randy Trigg, Michael Ubell, Dirk Van Nouhuys, Philip Wadler, Olwen Wee, Elihu Welber, E. Williger, Terry Winograd, Elizabeth Wolf, Marsha Woodbury

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