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CPSR Organization

CPSR Annual Report 1994-1995

CPSR Organization

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CPSR Organization

As a national organization, CPSR consists of three governing bodies.

  • First, there is a National Board of Directors, which sets the organization's general direction, decides matters of overall policy, and takes responsibility for activities done in CPSR's name. This Board can include up to sixteen members: four officers nominated by the Board and elected by the membership; six regional representatives elected by the memberships of the six national regions; two directors-at-large elected by the entire membership; and up to four special directors elected by the Board. Terms are normally for three years with staggered expiration dates. The Board typically meets three times a year, but Board actions are also conducted through the use of electronic mail.

  • Second, CPSR has an Executive Committee, which is charged with acting on the Board's behalf between board meetings. The Executive Committee typically meets once a month in Palo Alto, California. It deals with the day-to-day management of the organization and is composed of the Board's four officers and two members-at-large who are appointed by the Board.

  • Finally, there is the CPSR National Advisory Board. This body includes individuals who in the past have advised the organization on long-range policy and issues of national significance. It consists of well-known people who have contributed significantly to the field of computing or who are particularly interested in the issues CPSR addresses.

CPSR Executives

CPSR Board of Directors 1994-1995

President Eric Roberts
Secretary Steve Dever
Chair Doug Schuler
Treasurer Tom Thornton (since March 1995), Judi Clark (July 1994-March 1995)
Directors Mary Connors, James Davis, James Grant, Hans Klein, David Liddle, Blaise Liffick, Steven Miller, Aki Namioka, Terry Winograd, Marsha Woodbury,

CPSR Executive Committee 1994-1995

President Eric Roberts
Secretary Steve Dever
Members-at-large Chris Hibbert, Dave Redell
Treasurer Tom Thornton (since March 1995), Judi Clark (July 1994-March 1995)

CPSR Staff 1994-1995

Managing Director Kathleen Kells
Assistant to the Director Susan Evoy

EPIC - Washington

Marc Rotenberg, Director
David Banisar, Policy Analyst
David Sobel, Legal Counsel

CPSR National Advisory Board 1994-1995

Herbert L. Abrams, John Backus, Paul Brest, David Burnham, Carol Edwards, Douglas Engelbart, Admiral Noel Gayler, Adele Goldberg, Richard Karp, Barbara Liskov, James Martin, Elliot Maxwell, Eli Noam, Karen Nussbaum, Anthony Ralston, John Shattuck, Herbert Simon, Robert E. Tarjan, Robert W. Taylor, Lawrence Tesler, Sherry Turkle


Foundation and Corporate Support

Computer Professsionals for Social Responsibility thanks the following foundations and corporations for their generous support:

  • America Online $ 500
  • Apple $ 5,000
  • KCTS Television $ 9,918 ( For the Seattle Community Network)
  • Interval Research Corp. $ 15,000
  • Lotus Development Corporation $ 5,000
  • Telecommunications Education Trust $ 3,020
  • Xerox PARC $ 5,000

Individual Donors

1994-1995 Donations of $100 or More

The following members and friends of CPSR have contributed significantly to the organization through donations of $100 or more and deserve the appreciation of all CPSR members:

James P. Alstad, Paul G. Baer, Samuel Bates, Ralph J. Begley, Jonah Benton, Jeanette L. Blomberg, Anita Borg, Jeff L. Bowden, Shaun Case, Earl T. Cohen, David H. Collins, Rick Crawford, Ronald B. David, Steve Dever, Duane A. DeVries, Scot Drysdale, Joan Eslinger, Robert Glassner Field, Frederick B. Fisher, Howard Gayle, Ted Goldstein, David Greene, Rick Greer, Arthur E. Gutman, Payson Hall, Bob Heingartner, Chris P. Hibbert, Rodney Hoffman, Hallock Hoffman, Jon F. Hueras, Lawrence Hunter, Robert Johansen, Ted Kaehler, Anders Kierulf, Marcia Klein, Thomas B. Knoedler, Michael J. Leibensperger, Peter Lieberwirth, Thomas Lipkis, William M. Martin, Barbara S. Miller, Steven E. Miller, Keith Moore, Amy Pearl, Robert Pesner, Paul Rasmussen, Justine Roberts, Teresa Roberts, Eric S. Roberts, John G. Robinson, John Romkey, Larry S. Rosenstein, Marc Rotenberg, Doug Schuler, Michael Scott, David R. Shutt, Barbara Simons, Dr. Karen R. Sollins, Linn H. Stanton, Donald W. Stephen, Lucy Suchman, Lawrence G. Tesler, The Winograd Foundation, Randy Trigg, Michael Ubell, Olwen Wee Sharon & William Weisman, Elihu Welber, Beth Williams, Terry Winograd, Nancy Carol Wood, Polle Zellweger and Jock Mackinlay

In addition, CPSR gratefully acknowledges the many anonymous gifts and donations under $100 which could not be listed due to space limitations, as well as contributions which may have been inadvertently omitted.

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