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Thanks to Volunteers & Members

CPSR Annual Report 1994-1995

Thanks to Volunteers & Members

Thank You to Volunteers and Members

CPSR depends upon the gracious participation and support of its active members, staff, volunteers, editors and contributors to The CPSR Newsletter and the 1994-1995 Annual Report. In the past fiscal year, we wish to thank especially members in the Boston chapter for hosting the Board meeting in July of 1994 and in the San Diego chapter and volunteers for the fabulous job they did on the annual meeting in October, 1994.

We also thank the following people for their help:

  1. Staff

    • Susan Evoy
    • Kathleen Kells

  2. Volunteers

    • Grace Mason
    • Al Whaley

  3. Guest Editors of The CPSR Newsletter

    • Michael J. Muller, Summer 1994
    • Jeff Johnson, Fall 1994
    • Judi Clark, Winter 1995
    • Marsha Woodbury, Summer 1995
    • Blaise Liffick, Chapter News Editor, Summer 1995

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