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The Compiler - July 2002

July 15 Compiler

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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

The Compiler - July 15, 2002


Turning Thoughts to Actions

The CPSR Compiler is a new monthly notice with short updates on recent activities of our members and opportunities to engage in the development of the public voice through CPSR projects.

Members can report news for future issues, by sending a sentence or two (and URL if available) to

CPSR provides a discussion and project space where individuals can contribute to the public debate and design of our global digital future. Through CPSR's chapters and working groups, members focus on regional and civic issues developing the public voice. To insure a democratic future in a time of intense globalization, the voice of the public must command a prominent position on the world stage. CPSR frames and channels the public voice.


Chapter and Working Group Guidelines will be updated soon at

Members with research ideas that fall under NSF ITS Division programs might fit within CPSR's mission, and qualify as a CPSR Project

CPSR needs some of our information translated into Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese (the official languages of some international organizations), as well as other languages. Members should contact if interested.

Members can join other members on the ground floor of discussions of issues and events by subscribing to the CPSR- Activists list at

Members can join a CPSR Working Group by subscribing to their email list via "a href="">

For more ideas about how members can make the most of their CPSR membership, refer to the Activists Handbook at


Humberto Carrasco, CPSR member from Chile, is organizing the III Independent Latin American Congress of Domain Names to be celebrated in Santiago, Chile on August 28-30.


CPSR Japan is our newest chapter. Sinji Yamane is the Chair.

Thanks to Paul Hyland, CPSR contributed "Digital Rights Management: Whose Rights Are Being Managed?" to a briefing book for the Congressional Internet Caucus

Robert Guerra, Bill McIver, and Rufo Guerreschi represented CPSR at the United Nations' World Summit on the Information Society, July 1-5 in Geneva, Switzerland. and and

Kwami Ahiabenu II represented CPSR at the Africa regional preparatory meeting for the World Summit on Information Society (BAMAKO 2002) in Bamako, Mali

CIVSOC wrote "Staying the Course on Internet Privatization: Comments on ICANN Reform," for congressional hearings on ICANN

Hans Klein represented CPSR at Internet Crossroads Where Technology and Policy Intersect, Annual Meeting of the Internet Society

The CPSR Board met June 7-8 in Raleigh, NC, and hosted two social events to mingle with local CPSR Research Triangle Park members and attendees of ISTAS 2002.

CPSR co-sponsored The Public Voice in Internet Policy Making.

CPSR's sponsored PDC 2002 - Participation And Design - Inquiring Into The Politics, Contexts, and Practices Of Collaborative Design Work - in Malmo, SWEDEN

CPSR co-sponsored Grassroots Use of the Internet, at Yale University June 22.

CPSR Email Lists have moved to a new server. To see the full list of the present email discussion lists available via CPSR. See


A call to the Department of Commerce to open to competition the process for selecting who will control the process of how Internet addresses are designed and assigned.

Amicus briefs in the SonicBlue and Eldred v. Ashcroft cases


Stop1984, a German initiative for more privacy and freedom of speech.

European Digital Rights, a new organization founded by ten privacy and civil rights organizations from seven countries.

EEVL (Enhanced and Evaluated Virtual Library), which provides quick and reliable access to "the best engineering, mathematics, and computing information available on the Internet," included CPSR.

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