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CPSR Newsletter Fall 1994


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CPSR Annual Meeting

October 8-9, 1994
Warren Lecture Halls, University of California, San Diego
Organizing for Access: A National Forum on Computer Networking, Community Action, and Democracy

CPSR News Volume 12, Number 4: Fall 1994


In the few short years since the first proposals for a National Information Infrastructure (NII), a broad social movement has arisen to ensure that the NII meets the needs of communities across the country. A remarkable range of people: educators, librarians, community activists, computer people, government agencies, advocates for people with disabilities, and others have been using computer networks to deliver services and to organize themselves behind an emerging agenda for computing and networking in the public interest. CPSR is convening this meeting for all people interested in the place of computer technology in society, with the goal of bringing together a wide range of voices to discuss the ways in which the NII might serve the needs of society and to empower one another to pursue shared goals in the new technological world. Our meeting this year will place particular emphasis on providing would-be activists with the skills and connections they need to put the vision of democratic technology into practice.

Keynote Address
"Staking Claims to the Network"
Francois Bar, Dept. of Communication, UCSD

Panel Discussions "The Meanings of Access"
"Privacy and Intellectual Freedom"
"Community Networking in San Diego"

CPSR Banquet Presentation of the 1993 Norbert Wiener Award to Antonia Stone
Banquet Speaker: Patricia Glass Schuman, Neal-Schuman Publishers
"Safeguarding the Right to Know"
Featured Speaker: Sonia Jarvis, National Coalition on Black Voter Participation
"The Public-Interest Aspects of the Information Superhighway"


  • Building Community Networks: Promise and Pitfalls
  • Legal Issues for BBS Operators
  • Network-Based Organizing
  • Helping People and Organizations Get Started with Networking
  • Investigative Reporting on the Internet
  • Privacy Activism
  • Public-Interest Activism and the NII Policy Process
CPSR Organizational Discussion in parallel with informal discussion groups

Please preregister as soon as possible to ensure a space at this exciting meeting. Registrations at the door will be accepted as space allows.

CPSR member $55, Nonmember $75, New CPSR membership & registration $95, Low-income $25, Banquet tickets $40. If postmarked after September 20th, add $10 to all registration tees. and $5 to the banquet price.
*Note that the Saturday night banquet is not included in the cost of the meeting.

For more information, contact CPSR at (415) 322-3778 or


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