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CPSR Newsletter - 17, 1, Welcome

Winter 1999
Vol. 17, No. 1


Marsha Woodbury
Y2K: The Broad View

CPSR-Y2K Working Group Web Pages

Arthur C. Clarke
The Century Syndrome, from The Ghost from the Grand Banks

Anthony Ralston
Y2K and Social Responsibility

Peter Neumann
A Perspective on Y2K

Gary Chapman
Now For Another Daunting Y2K Task: Educating America's Masses

Lenny Siegel
OOPs 2000: The Y2K Bug and the Threat of Catastrophic Chemical Releases

Norman Kurland
How Y2K Will Impact the New York Times

Y2K and Nuclear Weapons

  • Letters Seeking Help on Nuclear Weapons Issues from
    Michael Kraig
    Alan Phillips

  • Four Prominent Scientists on Nuclear Weapons Concerns:
    Khursch Ahmed
    David Parnas
    Barbara Simons
    Terry Winograd

  • Gary Chapman
    A Moral Project for the 21st Century: Stop Creating Better Weapons


    Y2K Humor from the Internet and Beyond

    Cartoon (may crash older browsers)

    CPSR News:

    Aki Namioka
    A Letter from CPSR's President

    Netiva Caftori
    Chapter News

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  • The CPSR Newsletter
    Volume 17, Number 1; Winter 1999

    Welcome to the first-ever online newsletter of CPSR. You will notice the table of contents is on your left on all our pages. We know that this issue will prove fruitful and fun for you.

    Do you have a slow connection? You can download the whole issue at once and, if you wish, print it out using the "print-out" file created for libraries and those who prefer hard copy. Also, if you are a CPSR member, you can contact our National Office at to have the print-out file sent in the mail.

    CPSR maintains an e-mail list server for Y2K discussions. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to with the body of the message containing the line "subscribe cpsr-y2k myname" except use your own name in place of myname. For more information, see

    We hope you enjoy this issue. A good place to begin is the introduction, Y2K: The Broad View, by guest editor Marsha Woodbury. You can browse through some of our older issues, too, by following the link to the CPSR Newsletter Index.

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