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CPSR Journal Vol 19, No 4
Volume 19, Number 4 The CPSR Journal Fall 2001

Tomorrow’s Internet: Internet2 and the Issues It Raises by Henry Chou

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In this seminar, Gary Bachula, VP for External Relations for Internet2, gave a brief introduction to the history, architecture, current activities, and future applications of Internet2. Garrett Sern from Educause, a non-profit organization for higher education and in partnership with Internet 2, joined the seminar from Washington, D.C. via video-conferencing.

Internet2 is a member organization that consists of 187 (and increasing) universities, 70+ corporations, and many non-profit organizations, totaling 300+ organizations and still growing. It also includes sponsored educational group participants. As of October 2001, 14 states have signed up and plugged in, while 14 more will do so in the next six months. Internet2 is dedicated to the development and deployment of advanced network technology. The universities are voting members and their presidents are board members; hence the educational and research focus of the organization shall be maintained

Currently, Internet2 research includes using advanced network technology to enhance end-to-end performance initiatives and human-to-human collaboration. Its applications include virtual laboratories (such as Space Physics and Astronomy Research Center, SPARC) and realistic, three-dimensional tele-immersion environment for collaborations.

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