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CPSR Newsletter Vol 19, No 1
Volume 19, Number 1 The CPSR Newsletter Winter 2001

For Further Reading and Research on Voting by Erik Nilsson

Elections Technology

Roy Saltman's seminal NIST paper on elections systems, probably the most-cited work on electronic vote-counting:
Accuracy, Integrity and Security in Computerized Vote-Tallying
Two more papers by Roy Saltman:
Adopting Computerized Voting in Developing Countries: Comparisons with the US Experience
Assuring Accuracy, Integrity and Security in National Elections: The Role of the US Congress
Rebecca Mercuri's encyclopedic and widely-respected elections technology site, with many links
Lorrie Faith Cranor's voting page, with a link to her popular e-lections mailing list
California Task Force Report on Internet Voting
A brief history of voting equipment
California Internet Voting Initiative
Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project
Two articles by Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Labs on voting security
Internet Policy Institute's Report of the National Workshop on Internet Voting: Issues and Research Agenda

Some companies with Internet voting products or announced plans

These companies vary greatly in their level of sophistication and funding (Formerly
iBallot LTD
Validity Systems

Elections Generally

Resources for elections administrators around the world, and succinct explanations for election tasks ranging from voter education to vote counting:
A wealth of elections resources; a worldwide elections calendar; and an extensive, searchable worldwide elections equipment buying guide:
Paper: Turnout Decline in the U.S. and other Advanced Industrial Democracies, by Martin P. Wattenberg

Elections in the US

2000 election
Electoral college votes by state from 1788 to 1996
Florida election law
California Voter Foundation (information of interest to any voter):

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