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Winter 1997 (15:1), HTML

Netiva Caftori, Guest Editor: "Computers and Education: A CPSR Outlook" [EDUCATION]
Steven E. Miller: "Education technology" [EDUCATION]
Ginny Little: "The world at our finger tips" [EDUCATION]
Dave Cornell: "'Edutainment' and girls" [EDUCATION]
John Graves: "Where will computers be used for learning?" [EDUCATION]
Netiva Caftori: "Give up your pedestal, but not your lesson plans" [EDUCATION]
Marsha Woodbury: "LEEPing into distance education" [EDUCATION]
Ralf Streibl: "The sense and nonsense of wired schools" [EDUCATION]
Chris Bigum: "Antipodean dreaming" [EDUCATION]
Elizabeth Buchanan: "The social microcosm of the classroom" [EDUCATION]
Also: Regional and Chapter Reports, [CPSR] Letter to Editor [SDI]

Fall 1996 (14:4), HTML

Carl Page, Guest Editor, "Star Wars: down but not out" [SDI]

Winter/Spring 1996 (14:1)

Jim Davis, Guest Editor, "Technology and jobs: forging a new social contract?" [WORK, POLITICS]
David Noble, "The Truth About the Information Highway" [NII, WORK]
Ken Peres, "Restructuring Telecommunications" [WORK, NII]
Jim Davis, "Online Resources on Jobs and Technology" [WORK]
Kate Williams, "A Curriculum on Jobs and Technology" [WORK, EDUCATION]
Also, Book Corner, California Voter Guide, Chapter/Region Listing, Independent Project Fund, National Working Group, Working Groups, Web Pages Update, Board Election, Announcement

Winter 1995 (13:1) Text file

Judi Clark, "A world of perspectives on the growing information infrastructure" [NII, INTERNATIONAL]
Shumpei Kumon, "A Japanese perspective on the significance of the information revolution" [NII, INTERNATIONAL]
Dave Banisar, "Europe moves toward comprehensive privacy protection; U.S. heads in opposite direction" [PRIVACY, INTERNATIONAL]
Ingo Ruhmann, "1984 plus 10: reality and utopia in computer science: 10th anniversary FIFF conference in Bremen" [CPSR, INTERNATIONAL]
Jeff Johnson, "The FIFF 10th anniversary meeting: an outsider's perspective" [CPSR, INTERNATIONAL]
Ralf Hauser, "A perspective from Switzerland" [INTERNATIONAL]
Peter Gordon, "The need for public access" [ACCESS, INTERNATIONAL]
Bernardo Parrella, "ALCEI: An essential tool for Italian electronic citizens" [INTERNATIONAL, NII]
Philip Machanick, "Computer Science in the New South Africa" [INTERNATIONAL]
Erik Nilsson, "Bits of the South African election" [INTERNATIONAL, VOTING]
Phil Agre, "A brief report on CPSR's 1994 annual meeting" [CPSR]
Judi Clark, "A few international on-line resources" [INTERNATIONAL]

Summer 1995 (13:2) Text file

Marsha Woodbury, "Computers, government, and access to electronic records" [INFORMATION ACCESS]
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, "Access to electronic records" [INFORMATION ACCESS]
David Morrissey, "The age of electronic government: will Washington share its electronic bounty?" [INFORMATION ACCESS]
Eileen Gannon, "Solving environmental problems with information technology" [ENVIRONMENT]
Society of American Archivists, "Archival issues raised by information stored in electronic form" [INFORMATION ACCESS]
James Love, "Public and private networks, and the status of public records, open meetings, and FOIA" [INFORMATION ACCESS, FOIA]
David Sobel, "CPSR and EPIC FOIA cases: current status" [FOIA]
CPSR, "FOI and First Amendment-related resources on the Internet" [FOIA]
Joel Campbell, "Six tips for starting a state freedom of information organization" [FOIA]
Dave Gowan, "Confidentiality and availability of public information" [INFORMATION ACCESS]

Winter 1994 (12:1) Text file

"Serving the community: a public interest vision of the National Information Infrastructure" [NII]
Aki Namioka and Marsha Woodbury, "CPSR's 1993 Annual Meeting" [CPSR]
"The Institute for Global Communications wins 1993 Norbert Wiener Award for Social Responsibility" [CPSR]

Spring 1994 (12:2) Text file

Judith Stern, "Technology in education: everybody's business" [EDUCATION]
Michael Apple, "Computers and the deskilling of teaching" [EDUCATION]
Philip Bell and Judith Stern, "NII in education: access isn't enough" [EDUCATION, NII]
Mike Brand, Marc Steiner and Ed Zeidman, "Can't we educate ALL our children?" [EDUCATION]
Hank Bromley, "The social context of educational computing" [EDUCATION]
Brian Harvey, Christopher Hoadley and Sherri Hsi, "Two perspectives on using multimedia in education" [EDUCATION]
Marsha Woodbury, "A quick look at the costs and benefits of computers in higher education" [EDUCATION]
Kent Pitman, "An open letter to CPSR" [NII, CPSR]
Al Whaley, "Clipper: government-sponsored, government-compromised encryption" [NII, ENCRYPTION]

Summer 1994 (12:3) Text file

Michael Muller, "Voices from the margins" [WORK, DESIGN]
Richard Hughes, "Participatory design in occupational health and safety" [WORK, DESIGN]
Cydney Pullman, "Participatory curriculum development with and for workers" [WORK, EDUCATION]
Elsie Nisosen, "Women's safety audit guide -- an action plan and a grass roots community tool" [WOMEN, WORK]
Vicki O'Day, "Community involvement in education" [EDUCATION]
Coralee Whitcomb, "DIAC'94: Developing an equitable and open information infrastructure" [NII, CPSR]
Phil Agre, "Computing and the community: CPSR's 1994 annual meeting" [CPSR]

Fall 1994 (12:4) Text file

Jeff Johnson, "Visions of the national information infrastructure" [NII]
Jeff Johnson, "Scenarios of people using the NII" [NII]
Jupiter Project Team, "Not a highway, but a : joint activity on the net" [NII]
Martha Stone-Martin and Laura Breedon, "Using today's information infrastructure: examples of people using the Internet" [NII]
The Salt Merchant, "The future history of PepNet, or the imminent drowning of the net in sticky brown liquid" [NII]
David Bellin, "What consumers want from the information infrastructure" [NII]

Winter 1993 (11:1) Text file

Marc Rotenberg, "CPSR and the new administration" [POLITICS]
"Network users send messages for the President" [POLITICS]
"Telecommunications privacy guidelines" [PRIVACY]
"CPSR Freedom of Information Act cases" [FOIA]
"GSA opposes FBI Wiretap Plan" [PRIVACY]
"CPSR network archive includes Clinton speech" [POLITICS]
"Statement of the Computer Systems Policy Project" [NII]
"IEEE Computer Society addresses President Clinton" [POLITICS]
"McArthur Foundation assembles conversion group" [CONVERSION]
"Computing Research Association sends message to the President" [POLITICS]

Summer 1993 (11:2) Text file

Gary Chapman and Marc Rotenberg, "The National Information Infrastructure: a public-interest opportunity" [NII]
Karen J. Sy, "The NII: What does it mean for libraries?" [NII]
Doug Schuler, "The Seattle Community Network" [NII]
Aki Namioka, "1993 CPSR Annual Meeting in Seattle" [CPSR]
"Gary Chapman and Evelyn Pine leave CPSR" [CPSR]

Fall 1993 (11:3) Text file

Jim Davis, "Focus on computers and the poor: a brand new poverty" [POVERTY, SOCIAL JUSTICE]
"The police, technology, and the Los Angeles rebellion" [SOCIAL JUSTICE]
Peter Miller, "The community computing center movement" [NII]
Paul Hyland, "The CPSR National Information Infrastructure Initiative" [NII]
"Renewing the commitment to a public-interest telecommunications policy" [NII]

Winter-Spring 1992 (10:1-2) Text file

Fen Labalme and Doug Schuler, "CPSR/Berkeley hosts DIAC-92" [EFF, CYBERSPACE]
Richard Civille, "CPSR hosts roundtable on local civic networks" [NII, PUBLIC POLICY]
Kathryn C. Montgomery and Jeffrey Chester, "A glimpse of a new media environment: A public interest vision for the future of U.S. telecommunications" [NII, PUBLIC POLICY]
"Evelyn Pine joins CPSR as managing director" [CPSR]
Evelyn Pine, "Community memory project serves Berkeley" [NII]
Peter d'Errico, Daniel Medina, Gabrielle Tayac and Gary Trujillo, "NativeNet: Computer network for and about native peoples" [NII]
George Baldwin, "Preserving native culture in post-industrial society: American Indian telecommunications" [NII]
Frank Odasz, "Community networking on Big Sky Telegraph" [NII, EDUCATION]
Shirley Matthews, "Reinventing government through multimedia" [NII]
Marc Rotenberg, "FBI endangering privacy for all" [PRIVACY]
Steven E. Miller, "Cyberspace and Everyday life: Book Review" [BOOK REVIEW, CYBERSPACE]
Gary Chapman, "21st Century Project helps in SEMATECH campaign" [POLITICS]

Summer 1992 (10:3) Text file

Randall Forsberg, "Defense cuts and cooperative security in the post-Cold War world" [COLD WAR, POLITICS, MILITARY]
Gary Chapman, "Technology policy and defense conversion" [POLITICS, MILITARY, PUBLIC POLICY]
Terry Winograd, "Computers, ethics, and social responsibility" [ETHICS]
Jeff Johnson, "Design at work: book review" [BOOK REVIEW, WORK]
"CPSR's local civic network project in Vermont" [NII, PUBLIC POLICY]

Fall 1992 (10:4) Text file

"1992 CPSR annual meeting focuses on policy Issues" [CPSR]
"CPSR/Boston hosts Participatory Design Symposium," 10:4 , Fall 1992. [WORK]
Andre Bacard, "Barbara Simons presented 1992 Norbert Wiener Award" [CPSR]
Eric Roberts, "CPSR at the crossroads" [CPSR, PUBLIC POLICY]
"Public access network developed in Madison" [NII]
"Results of CPSR membership survey" [CPSR]
"NSA gives in to CPSR member challenge" [PRIVACY]

Winter-Spring 1991 (9:1-2) Text file

Jim Warren, "Computers, Freedom, and Privacy: a report on the conference" [PRIVACY]
"CPSR and EFF host first policy roundtable: computer networks and public policy" [NII, PUBLIC POLICY]
"CPSR cosponsors meeting on encryption, privacy, and communications" [PRIVACY, NII]
"CPSR pursues funding for 21st Century Project" [PUBLIC POLICY]

Summer 1991 (9:3) Text file

Benjamin Pierce, Rod Nord and Eric Roberts, "CPSR/Boston hosts 1991 annual meeting at MIT" [ETHICS, PUBLIC POLICY, PRIVACY, NII, EDUCATION, ECONOMICS, CPSR]
"Rockfeller Foundation awards $100,000 to the 21st Century Project" [FUNDING]
"Secret Service releases documents on computer crime to CPSR" [FOIA]
"Scientists and engineers begin global network for social responsibility" [NII]
"CPSR celebrates tenth anniversary in Mountain View" [CPSR]
Diane Whitehouse and Colin Beardon, "IFIP working group 9.2 explores "Social Citizenship"" [EDUCATION]

Fall 1991 (9:4) Text file

Jonathan Jacky, "An analysis of the Gulf War one year later" [MILITARY]
Jeff Kaplan, "Ecotech 1991: a summary" [ENVIRONMENT]
"Judge backs Secret Service in Sun Devil litigation" [FOIA]
"CPSR influences CNIS decisions" [PUBLIC POLICY, PRIVACY]

Winter-Spring 1990 (8:1-2) Text file

Gary Chapman, "Computer Science and the Bush Administration" [PUBLIC POLICY]
Jeff Johnson, "Caller Identification: more privacy or less?" [PRIVACY]
Reese Ehrlich, "Software sneaks into South Africa" [APARTHEID]
Philip Machanick, "Computer professionals and South Africa" [APARTHEID]
"CPSR calls for end of Star Wars program" [SDI]
"SDIO responds to CPSR letter" [SDI]
Jonathan Jacky, "The arms race and the peace movement as history" [BOOK REVIEW, PEACE, HISTORY]
Jeff Lohrman, "The Institute for Global Communications: cooperation through communication" [NII]

Summer 1990 (8:3) Text file

Max Henrion, "Computer tools for environmental policy analysis: lessons from acid rain" [ENVIRONMENT]
C.A. Bowers, "How computers contribute to the ecological crisis" [ENVIRONMENT]
Lenny Siegel, Ted Smith and Rand Wilson, "Sematech, toxics, and U.S. industrial policy: why we are concerned" [ENVIRONMENT]
Elisabeth C. Odum, Howard T. Odum, Nils Peterson, "Simulation and the systems approach" [ENVIRONMENT, SIMULATION]
David Krieger, "Balance of the Planet: software review" [ENVIRONMENT, SOFTWARE REVIEW]
Chris Crawford, "How balance of the planet was created" [ENVIRONMENT]
Robert Beuthel, "EARTHQUEST: software review" [ENVIRONMENT, SOFTWARE REVIEW]
Scott Ferson, "Ecological and environmental risk analysis" [ENVIRONMENT, RISKS]

Fall 1990 (8:4) Text file

John Perry Barlow, "Crime and puzzlement" [CIVIL LIBERTIES]
"Barlow, Kapor, Wozniak Start Electronic Frontier Foundation" [CIVIL LIBERTIES, EFF]
"CPSR-EFF public policy roundtable scheduled" [EFF]
Thomas Ball, Samuel Bates, "CPSR/Madison sponsors discussion on privacy" [PRIVACY]
Jo Ann Oravec, "CPSR privacy work in Madison" [PRIVACY]
"Privacy concern raised over Lotus Market" [PRIVACY]
"1990 CPSR Annual Meeting held at Stanford University" [CPSR]
Erik Nilsson, Kathleen Gygi, "Computers and the Environment Symposium hosted by CPSR/Portland" [ENVIRONMENT]
Carolyn Curtis, "Book review: do computer terminals make you sick?" [WORK]

Winter 1989 (7:1) Text file

"CPSR responds to the Internet computer virus" [VIRUS]
Paul Saffo, "Sensual realities in cyberspace" [VIRUS, SCIENCE FICTION]
David Bellin, "1988 CPSR annual meeting" [CPSR]
Terry Winograd, "Weizenbaum presented Norbert Wiener award" [CPSR]
Tyler Folsom, "The search for an electronic brain" [ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE]

Spring 1989 (7:2) Text file

"CPSR reports on the FBI's National Crime Information Center" [PRIVACY, CRIME]
"CPSR testifies on NCIC before House Subcommittee" [PRIVACY, CRIME, CONGRESS]
"Cliff Johnson files new lawsuit on Launch-on-Warning" [AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS, COLD WAR]
Gary Chapman, "A look at computers in the Soviet Union" [USSR, INTERNATIONAL]

Summer 1989 (7:3) Text file

Severo M. Ornstein, "Simulation and dissimulation" [SIMULATION]
Charles A. Meconis, "Wargames revisited" [SIMULATION]
Richard Healey, "My game--your simulation?" [SIMULATION]
Bill Sulzman, "Update on the SDI's national test facility" [SDI, SIMULATION]
Marc Rotenberg, "Congress considers `high-performance' computing initiative" [CONGRESS]
"CPSR presents Norbert Wiener Award to McCracken" [CPSR]

Fall 1989 (7:4) Text file

Benjamin Pierce and Holly Murray, "CPSR/DC hosts 1989 Annual Meeting" [CPSR]
Karen Nussbaum, "Computer monitoring: a threat to the right to privacy?" [WORK, PRIVACY]
Jim Gawn, "A real-life computer detective thriller" [BOOK REVIEW]
Paul Hyland, "Me and my data shadow" [BOOK REVIEW]
Lenny Siegel, "A darker side of the chip" [BOOK REVIEW]
"James Martin elected to CPSR advisory board" [CPSR]
"CPSR testifies in House computer virus hearing" [VIRUS, CONGRESS]

Winter 1988 (6:1) Text file

"CPSR/Boston hosts 1987 CPSR annual meeting and banquet" [CPSR]
Mary Karen Dahl, "The National Crime Information Center" [PRIVACY, NCIC]
Lester Thurow, "Military spending and the American economy" [MILITARY, ECONOMICS]

Spring 1988 (6:2) Text file

Jeff Johnson, "A visit to NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain" [MILITARY, NUCLEAR WAR]
CPSR NTB Study Group, "The SDI's National Test Bed" [SDI, SIMULATION]
Gary Chapman and Clifford Johnson, "The NTB, the SIOP, and arms control" [SDI, ARMS CONTROL]
Chris Hables Gray, "Arms and artificial intelligence" [ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MILITARY]
Greg Nelson, "CPSR National Study Group on Work: call for participation" [WORK]

Summer 1988 (6:3) Text file

Lucy Suchman, "Designing with the user" [DESIGN, WORK]
G. Pascal Zachary, "Living with the control key" [WORK, BOOK REVIEW]
"IBM employees sponsor resolution on South Africa" [APARTHEID]
Eric Roberts, Carolyn Curtis and Paul Czyzewski, "Computers in th
e work: capsule reviews" [WORK, BOOK REVIEW] "OTA releases report on SDI software" [SDI]

Fall 1988 (6:4) Text file

Cindy L. Mason, "Using computers in arms control verification" [ARMS CONTROL]
Hal Harvey, "Nonprovocative defense in Europe" [ARMS CONTROL]
Bob Wilcox and Erik Nilsson, "Computerized vote counting: how safe?" [VOTING]
Election Watch, "Vulnerable on all counts" [VOTING]
Alan K. Cline, "Computers and complexity" [RISKS, BOOK REVIEW]
Eric Roberts, "CPSR/Minnesota hosts DIAC-88" [CPSR]

Winter 1987 (5:1) Text file

Ronni Rosenberg, "Privacy in the computer age (part III)" [PRIVACY]
Mary Karen Dahl, "National security and electronic databases" [PRIVACY]
Eric Roberts, "Programming and the pentagon" [CONTRACTING, MILITARY, ECONOMICS]

Spring 1987 (5:2) Text file

Clifford Johnson, "The constitution vs. the arms race" [LAUNCH ON WARNING, NUCLEAR WAR, LAW]
"An update on Johnson v. Weinberger" [LAUNCH ON WARNING, LAW]
"A talk with Dr. Robert Kahn" [FUNDING, RESEARCH]

Summer 1987 (5:3) Text file

Joel S. Yudken and Barbara Simons, "Federal funding of computer science" [FUNDING, MILITARY]
"Further conversation with Robert Kahn" [FUNDING, RESEARCH]
Severo Ornstein, "Parting thoughts from former CPSR chairman Severo M. Ornstein" [ETHICS, CPSR]
Steve Zilles, "New chairman Steve Zilles outlines CPSR priorities" [CPSR]
"CPSR/Seattle sponsors conference on directions and implications of advanced computing" [ETHICS, CPSR]

Fall 1987 (5:4) Text file

Gary Chapman, "Thinking about `autonomous' weapons" [MILITARY, AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS]
Bernard Roth, "Robots and the military: do they really need each other?" [MILITARY, AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS]
John Shore, "Why I never met a programmer I could trust" [ETHICS, RISKS]
Clifford Johnson, "Computers and war games" [SIMULATION, MILITARY, RISKS]

Winter 1986 (4:1)

David Chaum, "An opportunity for computer professionals" [PRIVACY]
Lee Byrd, "Americans' privacy exposed by new technology, congress told" [PRIVACY]
Gary Chapman, "Airland battle doctrine: the sorcerer's apprentice" [RISKS, MILITARY]

Spring 1986 (4:2) Text file

"CPSR 1986 annual meeting and banquet held in Palo Alto" [CPSR] David Lorge Parnas, "Why I won't work on SDI: one view of professional responsibility" [ETHICS, SDI]
Thomas Conrad, "Computing apartheid" [INTERNATIONAL, APARTHEID]
Susan H. Nycum, "Legal liability for expert systems" [LAW] Gary Chapman, "Spies like us" [BOOK REVIEW]

Summer 1986 (4:3)

Eric Roberts, "The Eastport Group Report: unexpected support for SDI critics" [SDI]
Gary Chapman, "The politics of the strategic defense initiative" [SDI]
Ronni Rosenberg, "Privacy in the computer age (part I)" [PRIVACY]
Severo Ornstein, "Vancouver meeting on accidental nuclear war" [NUCLEAR WAR, INTERNATIONAL]
Jeff Johnson, "Computers as supervisors: privacy and keystroke monitoring" [WORK]

Fall 1986 (4:4) Text file

Doug Schuler, "A responsible computing initiative" [ETHICS, FUNDING]
Joseph Weizenbaum, "Not without us" [ETHICS]
Severo Ornstein, "Loose coupling: does it make the SDI software trustworthy?" [SDI]
Ronni Rosenberg, "Privacy in the computer age (part II)" [PRIVACY]

Winter 1985 (3:1)

Paul Smolensky, "Ethical questions and military dominance in next generation computing" [ETHICS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, FUNDING, MILITARY]
CPSR/Madison, "Computer unreliability and nuclear war" [RISKS, NUCLEAR WAR]

Spring 1985 (3:2) Text file

Greg Nelson and Dave Redell, "Star wars computing: can the system be built?" [SDI]
Christiane Floyd, "The responsible use of computers: where do we draw the line? (part I)" [ETHICS]
Lewis Thomas, "An earnest proposal" [ETHICS, PRIVACY]
CPSR/Madison, "Computer unreliability and nuclear war" [RISKS, NUCLEAR WAR]

Summer 1985 (3:3) Text file

"The Johnson v. Weinberger lawsuit" [LAUNCH ON WARNING, LAW]
Charles Mohr, "Scientist quits antimissile panel" [ETHICS, SDI]
Greg Nelson and Dave Redell, "Star wars computing: failure possibilities" [SDI, RISKS]
Christiane Floyd, "The responsible use of computers: where do we draw the line? (part II)" [ETHICS]
H.R.J. Grosch, "Something old under the sun" [RISKS, HISTORY] Brian C. Smith, "IPPNW Meeting in Budapest" [INTERNATIONAL,

Fall 1985 (3:4) Text file

Gary Chapman, "Airland battle doctrine and the strategic computing initiative" [SCI, MILITARY]
Jon Jacky, "CPSR/Boston co-sponsors debate on computer requirements of star wars" [SDI, CPSR]
Greg Nelson and Dave Redell, "Star wars computing: accidental activation" [SDI, RISKS]

Winter 1984 (2:1) (HTML)

Terry Winograd, "DARPA strategic computing proposal" [SCI]
Alfred S. Beebe, "The human context" [SCI, ETHICS]
Ron Newman, "Strategic computing and professional ethics" [SCI, ETHICS]
Mark Hall, "Education can make difference" [POLITICS]
William Finzer, "A disturbing analogy" [HISTORY]
Barbara Schaffer, "Computer `brigade' goes to Nicaragua" [INTERNATIONAL, NICARAGUA]

Spring 1984 (2:2) Text file

Lucy Suchman, "DARPA strategic computing initiative" [SCI]
Terry Winograd, "Some thoughts on military funding" [MILITARY, FUNDING]
Greg Nelson, "More than MAD" [NUCLEAR WAR]

Summer 1984 (2:3)

Alan Borning, "Trip report: Germany and Finland" [INTERNATIONAL]
Severo Ornstein, "CPSR and `the military'" [MILITARY]
CPSR/Madison, "Computer unreliability and nuclear war" [RISKS, NUCLEAR WAR]
Jonathan Jacky, "A threat against human beings" [SCI, ETHICS]
Paul C. Valentine, "CPSR and the law" [LAW]

Fall 1984 (2:4)

Cliff Johnson, "Launch on warning is unconstitutional" [LAUNCH ON WARNING, LAW]
Greg Nelson, "First CPSR annual meeting" [CPSR]
Dorothy Mammen, "AAAI '84 panel on strategic computing" [ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, SCI]
CPSR/Boston, "VAL the Robot" [CPSR]
CPSR/Madison, "Computer unreliability and nuclear war" [RISKS, NUCLEAR WAR]

Summer 1983 (1:1)

Greg Nelson, "NSC-68: America enters the cold war" [COLD WAR]
Severo Ornstein, "Spreading concern" [RISKS]
Mark Hall, "Technology and responsibility" [ETHICS]
Lucy Suchman and John Larson, "Lessons learned" [CPSR]
Laura Gould, "CPSR denied booth space at NCC" [CPSR]

Fall 1983 (1:2)

Mark Hall, "Searching for peace within the maelstrom" [PEACE]
Greg Nelson, "When a bomb is more than a bomb" [NUCLEAR WAR, HISTORY]
Severo Ornstein, "Launch on warning policy: a red herring?" [LAUNCH ON WARNING]
Lucy Suchman, "Basic course on computers and nuclear war" [EDUCATION, NUCLEAR WAR]

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