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Privacy Policy

It is necessary for CPSR to collect names, addresses and other personal information of its members in and for the conduct of its business. 

"CPSR does not sell, rent, or share its email lists or collect personally identifiable information at its web site except as part of its secure, web-based membership registration form. Membership and contribution information is never sold, rented, lent, exchanged, or used for any purpose other than official CPSR activity. CPSR may elect to send members mailing from other groups, but these mailings will always originate with CPSR."

Only the Managing Director, members of the Board of Directors and established Group leaders are authorized to make use of CPSR mailing lists, and only for the purpose of conducting CPSR business. In the case of Group leaders, this applies only to the portion of the mailing list that covers their Groups. Other members of CPSR may request that messages be released to all or some portion of the CPSR membership. If approved as above, the staff will make the release, but the mailing list will not be sent to the requesting person. Mailing lists are used for general announcements to the membership, updating members on CPSR activities, as part of a program for which the member has registered (e.g., Working Group postings) and for solicitation for membership renewal. These services will provide an easy way whereby the member may unsubscribe or opt to discontinue receipt of such communications.

 E-mail with questions or comments.
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