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71 CPSR members chose to be listed on this site. Links are to Home pages of those who made their pages visible.
Mitchell Edwin Sava
Avri Doria
Alfred Ganz
Benjamin Holzman
Bill Maiden
Brian Gershon
Chris Hibbert
Clifford Johnson
David Bellin
Don Goldhamer
Shireen Mitchell
Donald J. McCubbrey
Desiree Miloshevic
Doug Schuler
Soneye O. Philip
Dirk H van Nouhuys
Seth Grimes
Harley Flanders
Harry Hochheiser
Herb Kanner
Hilary Naylor
Keith Instone
Joan B. Hunter
Jeremy Brosnahan
Jean Charles Roy
John M. Dwyer
Jerry MacLean
Jesse H. Liwag
Jerome Feldman
John Graybeal
Judy Hallman
Joi Ito
James R. Celoni
Jeremiah Torres
Herb Kanner
Kevin Arthur
Katitza Rodríguez Pereda
Lori Bowen Ayre
Linda F. Crafts
Matt Dorn
Mitchell Gass
Michel Menou
Michael Paoli
Madan Rao
Marsha Woodbury

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> Canada
> Japan
> Peru
> Spain

USA Chapters -

> Chicago, IL
> Pittsburgh, PA
> San Francisco Bay Area
> Seattle, WA
Why did you join CPSR?

It's obvious isn't it ? Now more than ever CPSR is needed in a world full of complex questions and agendas.