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Some CPSR U.S. Chapters

A complete list of CPSR Chapters, including some that a re currently dormant.

US Chapters Chicago, IL
CPSR Chicago hosted the 1995 Annual Conference, meets occasionally, and has an email list.
US Chapters Georgia
CPSR Georgia has hosted events at Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta where there is a student chapter.
US Chapters Madison, WI
CPSR Madison has explored issues of information technology as it relates to their community, through public forums, neighborhood networking, and coalition-building with other public interest groups.
US Chapters Michigan
CPSR Michigan has explored the impact and social issues of computers and computing, to serve as a clearing-house for information regarding computers and computing, and to advocate for proper use of computers and computing. The chapter uses net/web tools to work virtually.
US Chapters Minnesota
CPSR Minnesota has hosted events like "The Global Digital Divide, and has an email list for all people in Minnesota who would like to discuss CPSR topics. Past work includes "Minnesota's 2000 Telecommunication Strategic Plan."
US Chapters Pittsburgh, PA
CPSR Pittsburgh works to expand the discourse on the social impact of computer science through panel discussions and seminars, and the sponsoring of films, reading, and discussion groups, mostly at Carnegie Mellon University.
US Chapters San Francisco Bay Area, CA
San Francisco Bay Area Chapters - Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Francisco, & Santa Cruz
US Chapters Seattle, WA
CPSR Seattle has sponsored talks and been very active in supporting issues like women in computing, computers and the environment, community networks, and computers and privacy. The chapter also created a group which helps non-profit organizations with their computing needs as well as a special interest group that is concerned with electronic information policy issues in Washington State.
US Chapters Washington, DC
CPSR Washington, DC Chapter

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USA Chapters -

> Chicago, IL
> Pittsburgh, PA
> San Francisco Bay Area
> Seattle, WA
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