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Shinji R. Yamane, CPSR/Japan initial board member.

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Biographical Information

Shinji Ricard Yamane is a researcher in the field of computer security, currently a doctorial student at Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo. Yamane's interests include security engineering, social aspects of computing, hacker ethic, free software, history of computing, and conflicts on international information security policy.

He co-authored books on the social aspect of computing including Internet Ethics, JUKI Net Ichi Nuketa [Local government's guide to risk management on the national ID network system].

Yamane is a founding member and initial board member (chair) of CPSR Japan chapter. He is also a member of Free Software Initiative of Japan, IEEE Computer Society, and Information Processing Society of Japan. He was a part-time lecturer at Department of Design Informatics, Musashino Art University during 2004-2005, Chuo University during 2005-2006, and also a part-time senior researcher at GLOCOM, International University of Japan during 2005-2006. Prior to working at Musashino Art University, he had been a research associate at Faculty of Software Information Science at Iwate Prefectural University. He has been working as SETI@home Japanese website manager since he was at the graduate school of Tohoku University.


Bachelor of Arts (International Christian University, Tokyo), Master of Information Sciences (Tohoku University, Sendai).

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