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Some CPSR Chapters outside of the U.S.

A complete list of CPSR Chapters, including some that are not currently active.

International Chapters CPSR-Peru
CPSR-Peru's mission is to influence decisions relating to the development and use of Information and Communication Technology in Peru, given that these decisions have a wide range of consequences and can affect their basic values and fundamental rights as people. As citizens interested in these themes, they will direct the public attention asking critical questions concerning the applications of the technology and how these decisions affect Peruvian society.
International Chapters CPSR-Spain
CPSR-España holds meetings, and has email list for news, events and a variety of topics, including the freedom, rights and laws in the European information age.
International Chapters CPSR-Canada
CPSR Canada has mailing lists for CPSR Canada's members and sending announcments.
International Chapters CPSR-Africa
CPSR Africa was created to promote social responsibility in the development and use of computing technology in Africa. The chapter has worked as a facilitator on several community projects, such as a community learning center and a children's home, and developing an online activism resource for Africa.
International Chapters CPSR-Uganda
CPSR Uganda recognizes IT as a strategic imperative for national development, and was created to facilitate the responsible use of IT for education, wealth creation, poverty eradication, creation of jobs, and competitiveness in the global context.
International Chapters CPSR-Japan
CPSR/Japan is a very active chapter established in 2002.

International Chapters -

> Canada
> Japan
> Peru
> Spain

USA Chapters -

> Chicago, IL
> Pittsburgh, PA
> San Francisco Bay Area
> Seattle, WA
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