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Lauren Gelman

Nomination statement and candidate statement for Lauren Gelman

Nomination statement

Lauren Gelman is the Associate Director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society  (CIS), where she writes and speaks about the interaction of new technologies and the law, represents clients in Internet litigation and advocacy matters, consults with businesses on new technologies, and supervises students in the Cyberlaw Clinic. She also teaches Law, Technology and Privacy at the Law School and is an Adjunct Lecturer in Stanford's School of Engineering. Her current research focuses on the legal implications of technologies that increase citizens' opportunity to participate online. Prior to joining CIS in 2002, Ms. Gelman was Corporate Counsel for RealNames Corporation. She also spent six years in Washington, DC as the Public Policy Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and as the Associate Director of Public Policy for ACM, the largest association of computer scientists in the world.

Ms. Gelman received a B.S. in Biology and Society from Cornell University, an M.S. in Science, Technology and Public Policy from George Washington University, and her law degree from Georgetown University. She served on the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Secure Flight Working Group at the Department of Homeland Security. She blogs at and is a member of the California Bar.

Candidate Statement.

I joined the Board of CPSR as an interim member and am running for a permanent seat because I have always been interested in getting technologists involved in the policymaking process. In 1995, I started working at the Association for Computing's Public Policy Office (USACM) in Washington DC where my mission was to motivate policymakers to listen to the perspective of computer scientists when they regulate technology. I worked on many issues including encryption and security technologies, privacy, the digital divide and copyright issues. At Stanford, I taught "Participating in Cyberlaw and Policymaking" in the Engineering School. The purpose of the class was to teach young technologists how the policymaking process works and how they can get involved. I believe that participating as a CPSR Board Member will allow me to continue in my mission to connect policy makers with technologists, to help each understand their respective professions work, and to educate the public on issues related to technology and society.

I believe I can offer a lot to the organization. First, as a lawyer, I can assist in analyzing policies and laws to help members better understand their implications. Second, I have over ten years experience in the technology policy field that I can use to help CPSR promote its issues and mission. Finally, I can help connect CPSR with other organizations and individuals who are working on similar issues.

I would like to focus on a few specific issues during my tenure at CPSR. I am extremely interested in how technology and law work together to define our experience of privacy offline and online. This year I taught "Law Technology and Privacy" at Stanford Law School and would like to further pursue these issues on behalf of CPSR. I am also interested in the deployment of technology overseas, particularly in China. I'd like CPSR to get involved in developing codes of conduct for technologists building technology that will be deployed by repressive governments. Finally, I am interested in expanding law and technology education outside of traditional institutions. I am working on building a new Law and Technology University in a virtual world and would like to offer courses for CPSR members on how the law and policymaking process works to help you better engage in the process.

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Interested in a forum in which to contribute efforts and share ideas and also, more specifically, a forum in which I may contribute some articles that I am working on.