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Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon

Gordon Lyon (perhaps better known by his nicname Fyodor) was elected to the CPSR Board of Directors in 2006 and the Board voted him President of the organization in January 2008.

Gordon authored the popular Nmap Security Scanner, which helps individuals and companies secure their networks. It was named security tool of the year by Linux Journal, Info World, LinuxQuestions.Org, and the Codetalker Digest. It was also featured in many hit movies, including "The Matrix Reloaded", "Die Hard 4", and "The Bourne Ultimatum". Gordon also maintains the Insecure.Org, Nmap.Org, SecLists.Org, and SecTools.Org security resource sites and has authored seminal papers on stealth port scanning, remote operating system detection, version detection, and the IPID Idle Scan. He is a founding member of the Honeynet project and co-author of the books "Know Your Enemy: Honeynets" and "Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent". His newest book is Nmap Network Scanning.

Gordon lives in Palo Alto, California. You can learn more about him or obtain contact information from his personal web page.


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