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Desiree Miloshevic

I am honoured to be nominated again for the CPSR Board because I believe that I can continue to substantially contribute to the fundamental mission of this organisation.

My eleven year long Internet-related involvement has been focused on adapting advanced technology to the social fabric in diverse environments.


Desiree Zeljka Miloshevic is a well known and respected international voice in Internet governance and policy and is presently International Affairs and Policy Development Advisor at Afilias, a global leader in domain name services. Afilias is the registry for .INFO and several country code Top-Level-Domains (ccTLDs) and provides the technical services to the Public Interest Registry for .ORG. Desiree also represents the .GI domain in European Internet organisations such as CENTR and RIPE and within the ICANN ccNSO constituency.

Before joining Afilias in 2000, Ms Miloshevic worked as a consultant specialising in top-level domains, including advising on .MUSEUM and .PRO.

Her Internet involvement dates back to 1993 when she joined Demon, the United Kingdoms first public Internet Service Provider, where she worked on developing leased line and domain name services, including contributing to the informal council of hostmaster's policy making process which moderated .UK prior to Nominet's creation in 1996.

Ms Miloshevic helped in fundraising and provided strategic planning to many UK non-profit organizations such as The Foundation for Policy Information Research , the UK e-democracy project -FaxYourMP, and KhmerOS Open Source translation initiative in Cambodia.

Over the past eleven years, she has participated in the work of many Internet councils, workshops and constituencies in the area of Internet governance and DNS as well as contributed lectures to workshops in Eastern Europe, such as CEENET, the network of Eastern European Networking Association and the South East European CyberSecurity Cooperation Forum, and a number of forums of the Stability Pact for South East Europe, held in Belgrade.

She lives in London since 1991. She is a graduate of the faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Belgrade, where she studied English Literature. She has recently been elected on the Board of Internet Society.

Position statement

Social responsibility cannot be overstated in today's commercial and technology-driven world.

My grasp of the interaction between communications technologies and diverse societies makes me uniquely qualified for hard work required to steer the development of policies that will make inevitable rapid deployment of these technologies synergistic with societal values and norms that we all cherish.

Rather than being seduced by the technology, I strive to foresee the impacts and act early on in order to preserve the continuity without which the society cannot progress. We all know that new technologies can be detrimental to the society. This is exactly why it is our responsibility, as professionals, to consider all consequences and mediate the change in order to remain true to ourselves. CPSR program covers a very wide range of subjects and it is important that these issues are addressed and recognised on a global level. If elected, I will work with CPSR board colleagues to co-ordinate the efforts to have more constructive input in the on-going WSIS project and by being based in Europe I will be able to extend and organise other relevant CPSR activities and chapters in Europe as well as hope to contribute to CPSR policy views with regards to DNS and International Domain Names.

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Why did you join CPSR?

I've been seeking organizations on the Internet that discuss topics of interest to me as well as give me the opportunity to come in contact and network with people near me of the same interests/field.