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CPSR Opposes "Real ID" Bill

CPSR has signed onto the ACLU's Coalition Letter Urging Congress To Oppose HR 418, "The REAL ID" Bill, which would allow the broad sharing of information about drivers and move us closer to requiring an "internal passport."

The so called "Real ID" bill would repeal current law and require the linking of all state driver's license databases. The bill requires all states to subscribe to a "Driver License Agreement," making their data available not just to other states, but Canada and Mexico as well. The bill also gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the ability to require a prescribed format, which is an cheap way to disguise the creation of a national ID card.

More information is on the ACLU web site at

This bill takes us closer to the creation of an "internal passport" without substantially increasing security. The measures take us on a slippery slope that may lead to US citizens being forced to present their ID when they cross a state line.

The bill also makes it more difficult for asylum seekers, many of whom are seeking sancturary from religious and political persecution, to obtain asylum. The Bill runs contrary to International law by requiring written documents to verify asylum claims.  It is in fact, asking an asylum seeker to request paperwork from the very people who are persecuting them.  This may jeopardize the asylum seekers family and thus prevent them from seeking asylum.  Since current law already bars those who present a security risk from gaining asylum this law simply creates an additional, if not impossible burden to legitimate asylum seekers.

To let congress know your opinion on this important piece of legislation go to to send an email to your representative.

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