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Contents posted in 2006
2006 CPSR Signed Liberty Coalition's Open Statement on NSA Spying
CPSR signed a statement prepared by the Liberty Coalition criticizing recently-revealed warrantless surveillance of Americans by the NSA, and calling for Congressional hearings, a special counsel, and protections for whistleblowers who come forward in any such investigation.
2006 Circumventor
Bennett Haselton was interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR) about a free product he makes available for web users within China to get around firewall issues, called Circumventor.
2006 CPSR Joined Diverse Coalition to Fight AOL's Email Tax
AOL's pay-to-send system would hurt the Internet - stifling economic innovation, free speech and civic participation online. An unlikely coalition of more than 50 groups representing over 15 million people launched an unprecedented campaign to fight AOL's new pay-to-send email proposal.
2006 Coalition for Patient Privacy
On 04/05/06, CPSR joined with 25 other organizations in the Coalition for Patient Privacy in sending a letter to Congress urging them to build a patient-centered healthcare system, with patient privacy rights as the core of the health IT system.
2006 Coalition
CPSR has signed on as one of the charter members of the Coalition.

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