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CPSR Signs ACLU letter Supporting 132

CPSR signed the ACLU's letter urging that Senate Conferees agree to the House passed-version of the PATRIOT Act with respect to Section 132 of the House bill.

CPSR recently signed in support of the ACLU's letter insisting that Section 132 of the PATRIOT Act reauthorization legislation that the house passed be included in the Conference Committee’s final version of the PATRIOT Act reauthorization legislation.  Section 132 would require a government-wide survey of those federal programs that use “pattern-based” data-mining to identify a “pattern indicating terrorist or criminal activity.” 

Data-mining involves linking unrelated and for the most part legal activities to identify individuals who are or might be engaging in criminal acts, including acts of terrorism.  Because this type data-mining involves governmental scrutiny of a wide variety of perfectly legal activities, it raises serious privacy and other civil liberties concerns.   CPSR is therefore in strong support with the ACLU and other organizations in asking conferees to protect our rights and liberties.

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