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Managing Content in an Issue Folder

This document is for CPSR members that have volunteered to manage content in an Issue folder. Thank you for your commitment to CPSR and to making its Issues area more relevant, up-to-date, and useful for the members and other site visitors. This document is meant to help you manage that content. If you are starting a new issue folder/area, you may also read over options for Managing an Issues Folder: Setting Up a New Issues Folder.

Things you need to know:

  • You can add all kinds of content directly from the main page of the issue folder (for example, ). Just click the "add new item" button in the blue bar above the main content area, and select your type of content (usually: News Item, Web Page, Folder, File, or Link).
  • You can post news to your folder and it will show up on the Home page and the News page (


  • How do I get involved editing content in an Issue area? You need to contact the Working Group chair for that Issue to let them know of your interest. If there is no chair or active content editor for that Issue, please contact the Web committee.

  • What if I add content and it does not show up on the main page? You need to set a keyword for your issue in order for it to show up on the Issue main page. This can be done from the blue bar over the content area. Just click on the "keyword" button and select the keyword for your issue.

  • How is the content organized? The content is organized automatically and separated by content type (currently: News and then all other documents (web pages, folders, files, links). This makes it easy to add content and have it displayed in your folder. Also, this organization can be changed if you have special needs.

  • How do I make my news show up on the News or Home page? Your news will show up automatically. Once news is published anywhere on the CPSR site, it will be displayed on the Recent news page and Home page (until replaced by newer news).

  • How do I create content? Just click the "add new item" button in the blue bar above the main content area, and select your type of content (usually: News Item, Web Page, Folder, File, Link, or Event). That will provide you with a form you fill out for the information about your document. The fields are (vary slightly depending on document type):

    • short name: this is the name that shows up in the URL. Best to keep it short and simple
    • title: this is the name that shows up as a link to the full document
    • description: provide a brief summary of the document. This is displayed in the list of contents, and is also displayed at the top of your document.
    • body text: enter in the main content for your document. You can use the green buttons (WYSIWIG tools) to format the content.
  • How do I edit content? Just navigate to the piece of content you want to edit, for example a News item. If you are a content manager for this area of the site, you will see the blue bar and tabs over the content area. Click on "edit" to be able to change the content.

  • How do I see all the content that is in this folder? As a content manager in a folder, you can take advantage of the "contents" view. Click on the left-most tab above the blue bar for "contents".

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Last modified February 18, 2005 11:58 AM

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