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General Information about the Site

This document is intended to provide the reader with information about the setup and workings of the CPSR Web site ( and the Plone CMS that it is implemented with. References to more detailed information on using and administering the system are provided, and notes about specific customizations for this project are made wherever necessary.

The CPSR Web site is built on the Plone 2.0 Content Management System (, a Free Software system that runs on the Zope platform ( and uses the Python scripting language. All these systems are Open Source and have extensive communities, help forums, and documentation available online. One very helpful resource is the online version of the recent Definitive Guide to Plone, which is available at:

The Web site is hosted in an account of ifPeople at Zettai ( Zettai provides the email account management software and reliable service.

The CPSR site is a rather heavy use site that generates over 3GB of transfer of data and over 600,000 hits (over 20,000 unique visitors) per month. For more information and to monitor site usage, please see: 

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Why did you join CPSR?

I want to use my expertise to try to change the way the public sees the whole voting machine mess.