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CFP'91 - Compendium

Compendium of Statutes on Computer-Related Crimes

Donald G. Ingraham

United States:

Federal: l8 USC 1029 Access devices, &c., basic authority in the United States Secret Service. 18 USC 1030 Abuse of US Government computer systems, as broadly defined, or interstate crimes, &c. with basic authority in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 18 USC 1343 Wire fraud: use of telecommunications structure to perpetrate fraud.
NB other specific statutes on interstate transport of stolen property, national security, and other concerns not necessarily related to computer technology.

		Alabama		13A-8-100
		Alaska		11.46.740
		Arizona		13-2316
		Arkansas	5.41-101
		California	502 et. seq.
		Colorado	18-5.5-101 and 102
		Connecticut	53a-250 through 507b
		Delaware	11-931 through 939
		Florida		815.01 through .07
		Georgia		16-9-90, 29-9948 through 9954a 
		Hawaii		708-890 through 896
		Idaho		18-2201 through 2202
		Illinois	16D-1 et. seq.
		Indiana		35-43.1-4, 2, 3
		Iowa		716A.l through .16
		Kansas		21-3704, 3745, 3755
		Louisiana	Title 14, 73.1 through .5
		Maine		17-A-357, 431
		Maryland 	27-14
		Massachusetts	266:30 (under study per Ch 149, 1987)
		Michigan	752.791 through 797
		Minnesota	609.87 et. seq.
		Mississippi	97-45-1
		Missouri	569.093-099
		Montana         45-6-310 and 311
		Nebraska        28-1343 et. seq.
		Nevada          205-403 et. seq.
		New Hampshire	638:16 et. seq.
		New Jersey	2C:20-23 through 34
		New Mexico	30-16A .1 through .3
		New York        156.00 et. seq.
		North Carolina  14-453 through 457
		North Dakota    12.106.1-08
		Ohio            2913.02, .04[b], .42(A) and (B)
		Oklahoma        21: l952 to l955
		Oregon          164.377
		Pennsylvania    l8:3933
		Rhode Island    11-52-1 through 5
		South Carolina  16-16-10 through 30
		South Dakota    43-43B-1 through 7
		Tennessee       39-3-1401 through 1405
		Texas           7:33.01
		Utah            76-6-701 through 704
		Virginia        18.2-152.1
		Washington      9A.52.110 to 130
		West Virginia   6l-3C-1 to 21
		Wisconsin       943.70  
		Wyoming         6-3-500 et seq


Canadian Criminal Code section 301.2, 385 to 387, inclusive; there are no statutes at the Provincial and Territorial levels.

Copyright, 1991, Jim Warren & Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility All rights to copy the materials contained herein are reserved, except as hereafter explicitly licensed and permitted for anyone: Anyone may receive, store and distribute copies of this ASCII-format computer textfile in purely magnetic or electronic form, including on computer networks, computer bulletin board systems, computer conferencing systems, free computer diskettes, and host and personal computers, provided and only provided that:

  1. this file, including this notice, is not altered in any manner, and
  2. no profit or payment of any kind is charged for its distribution, other than normal online connect-time fees or the cost of the magnetic media, and
  3. it is not reprodunor distributed in printed or paper form, nor on CD ROM, nor in any form other than the electronic forms described above without prior written permission from the copyright holder.

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