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Join the Cyber-Rights Working Group List Join the Cyber-Rights Working Group List to participate in the discussion and work of the Group, and to receive news on civil liberties, access, privacy, Internet administration, and other key policy topics facing the users of electronic networks. The most important announcements from other mailing lists are forwarded, and participants on the list hold open discussions. Traffic is usually low (1 or 2 messages a day) but occasionally can reach 4 or 5 messages during times of controversy.

Working Group members need to be members in good standing of CPSR.
Participation in Working Groups is a benefit of membership for those who actually support CPSR. Posting privileges and archives on these members' lists will be available for members/subscribers only.

If you need to join/renew your membership, use our membership form or call 650-322-3778 in the U.S. to pay by credit card.

If you are not sure of your membership status, feel free to ask by writing to

Membership status of list subscribers will be checked periodically against the membership database by matching the email address on file.

Using the list after you join

Subscribers can submit a posting to the Cyber Rights list by sending mail to: The list is moderated, so irrelevant message are screened out.

When you join, please send a brief message describing yourself to the list.
Before you change addresses, please unsubscribe via the Web!

Archives are available to members/subscribers via the Web .

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I support critical thinking--including ethical issues--when it comes to decisions about the use of technology. I want more people to have access to learn about technology. I would like to see resources go into finding and implementing technologies that provide the most public good.