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Before the
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of )
Rules and Policies Regarding ) CC Docket 91-281
Calling Number Identification )
Service -- Caller ID )


Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility ("CPSR"), a
California-based public-interest organization of computer
professionals, urges the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") to
grant the temporary and limited waivers that GTE Service Corporation
("GTE"), Sprint Communications Company ("Sprint") and Pacific Bell
("Pacific") have requested, thereby extending until June 1, 1996 the
FCC's deadline for passing Calling Party Number ("CPN") information for
telephone calls.


CPSR believes that starting to pass CPN information prior to adequate
education of the California public would be highly detrimental to the
public interest.

CPSR believes that the California Public Utilities Commission ("CPUC"),
having conducted extensive statewide hearings prior to its own ruling
(1) regarding the so-called "Caller ID" service and related services,
understands the level of public education required to assure that all
Californians understand how the implementation of CPN will affect
them. Sufficient time should be allowed for Pacific, GTE, and Sprint
to develop Customer Notification and Education Plans ("CNEPs") that
meet the CPUC's requirements. Given that the CNEPs offered to-date by
the California local exchange carriers do not meet the CPUC's
requirements, the December 1, 1995 deadline does not provide sufficient
time for them to develop adequate CNEPs. The requested June 1, 1996
deadline is better, assuming that the California local exchange
carriers develop their CNEPs in good faith with a realistic assessment
of how much effort is required to ensure that the implementation of CPN
places no Californians at a disadvantage.

The requested deadline also gives Sprint more time to correct technical
problems it has been experiencing in passing CPN correctly.


For the reasons given above, CPSR supports GTE, Pacific, and Sprint's
requests for temporary and limited waivers, extending the FCC's
deadline until June 1, 1996.

Respectfully submitted,

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Eric Roberts, CPSR Board President
Audrie Krause, CPSR Executive Director

Date: November 7, 1995

(1) California Public Utilities Commission Decisions D.92-06-065 and

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Created before October 2004

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