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Index of /cpsr/privacy/crypto/clipper/clipper_nist_escrow_comments

Index of /cpsr/privacy/crypto/clipper/clipper_nist_escrow_comments

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[DIR] Parent Directory 10-Dec-1997 19:13 - [TXT] bash_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:53 5k [TXT] blakketter_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:53 3k [TXT] blaze_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:53 5k [TXT] bstewart_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:54 20k [TXT] campbell_comments.txt 24-Sep-1993 09:09 3k [TXT] cpsr_notice-for-comm..> 19-Aug-1993 06:33 21k [TXT] dastkar_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:54 3k [   ] 12-Oct-1993 12:19 76k [TXT] denn_comments.txt 24-Aug-1993 14:46 3k [TXT] elkins_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:56 1k [TXT] ellison_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:57 10k [TXT] ellison_comments_may..> 24-Sep-1993 09:10 22k [TXT] farrell_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:57 5k [TXT] frankenberry_comment..> 10-Oct-1993 07:58 3k [TXT] ganson_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:58 2k [TXT] howland-comments 19-Aug-1993 06:32 6k [TXT] inbar_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:58 3k [TXT] jpope_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:58 4k [TXT] jrichardson_comments..> 10-Oct-1993 07:59 4k [TXT] karn_comments.txt 20-Oct-1993 07:42 10k [TXT] libert_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 07:59 4k [TXT] mcallister-comments 21-Aug-1993 08:08 2k [TXT] mott_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:00 2k [TXT] myoung_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:01 2k [TXT] oram-comments.txt 24-Sep-1993 09:10 2k [TXT] riordan-comments.txt 24-Sep-1993 09:11 1k [TXT] sammons_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:01 5k [TXT] savetz_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:02 3k [TXT] schiller_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:02 5k [TXT] sea_comments.txt 20-Oct-1993 07:43 7k [TXT] silbert_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:02 3k [TXT] sjohnson_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:03 3k [TXT] sondeen_comments.txt 11-Oct-1993 17:27 2k [TXT] steve_jackson_commen..> 10-Oct-1993 08:03 3k [TXT] stone_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:04 2k [TXT] tknight_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:04 4k [TXT] waldman_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:04 4k [TXT] youngstrom_comments.txt 10-Oct-1993 08:05 3k

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