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Index of /cpsr/privacy/privacy_international/international_laws

Index of /cpsr/privacy/privacy_international/international_laws

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[DIR] Parent Directory 10-Dec-1997 19:13 - [TXT] 1980_oecd_privacy_gu..> 01-Feb-1993 13:22 75k [TXT] convention_against_t..> 27-Mar-1993 10:49 33k [TXT] convention_rights_ch..> 27-Mar-1993 10:50 52k [TXT] council_europe_data_..> 21-Feb-1993 20:28 21k [TXT] ec_data_protection_d..> 03-May-1995 05:52 77k [TXT] international_covena..> 27-Mar-1993 10:51 43k [TXT] international_covena..> 27-Mar-1993 10:52 24k [TXT] intl-decl-human-righ..> 04-Feb-1993 05:55 12k [TXT] intl_ct_justice_stat..> 27-Mar-1993 10:53 29k [TXT] maastrict_title6_jus..> 10-Apr-1993 08:09 7k [TXT] optional_protocol_ic..> 27-Mar-1993 10:54 8k [TXT] schenegan_agreement.txt 10-Dec-1993 11:51 168k [TXT] un_charter.txt 27-Mar-1993 10:55 59k [TXT] un_conv_migrant_work..> 21-Feb-1993 20:31 93k [TXT] un_decl_draft_on_ind..> 03-Apr-1994 16:13 27k [TXT] us_senate_report_rat..> 21-Feb-1993 20:33 62k

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Created before October 2004

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International Chapters -

> Canada
> Japan
> Peru
> Spain

USA Chapters -

> Chicago, IL
> Pittsburgh, PA
> San Francisco Bay Area
> Seattle, WA
Why did you join CPSR?

CPSR seems to be the more important association for me - certainly it concentrates more on the issues that matter to me than the mainstream professional bodies