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Wiretap Campaign

Stop the National Wiretap Plan!

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has launched a national campaign to oppose funding for a wiretap plan adopted by Congress last year. The The wiretap plan, also known as the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994, requires telephone firms to make it easy to wiretap the nation's communication system. The proposal faced strong opposition from industry and civil liberties organizations last year. But the bill went forward after the government offered to pay companies $500,000,000 to make the proposed changes. EPIC believes that the government has failed to justify the $500,000,000 price tag. EPIC is asking Congress to stop funding of the proposal. EPIC asks that readers contact their member of Congress to ask them to vote against funding this proposal. EPIC has also established a "Privacy Hotline" through Western Union. The 800 number service will allow callers to send Western Union Mailgrams(r) to members of Congress expressing opposition to the wiretap plan. The cost for callers to send the letters is $10. Callers can be billed either to their telephone number or to a credit card. o EPIC's Press Release on the campaign. o Comprehensive file of material including budget docs, Freeh testimony, and a sample letter. o Federal Register Notice implimenting the Act. o FBI Director's Freeh's recent testimony (3/30/95) on the CALEA and banning cryptography. o Administration budget documents on the CALEA (forthcoming). o The text of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994. o EPIC Statement on FBI Wiretap Bill enactment.
Email for more information (same as comprehensive file).

Groups Sponsoring the Campaign

American Civil Liberties Union Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Electronic Frontier Foundation Electronic Privacy Information Center Privacy International
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