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Civil Society Forum at Yokohama, 13 July 2000  
 CivSoc of CPSR
Yokohama Forum
on Civil Society and ICANN Elections

Held on 13 July 2000 at the ICANN Meeting in Yokohama Japan

Approximately 70 people attended the Yokohama Forum, making it one of the biggest non-plenary meetings of the ICANN event.

The major outcome of the Yokohama Forum was that participants voted for "approval in principle" of the 
Civil Society Statement

The forum was co-hosted by the
Non-Commercial Constituency

The Forum led to the creation of the Civil Society Internet Forum (CSIF),
which also hosts the 
Civil Society Statement
and which has its own


Original Announcement:

Speakers from different ICANN regions will each briefly discuss the
draft Yokohama Statement on Civil Society and ICANN Elections.

[Note:  a revised version was "approved in principle" at the forum.]

Following this there will be open discussion and continued development of a collective document.

The forum will contribute to the creation of a statement on Internet governance that can inform voters and candidates in the upcoming ICANN At Large Elections.


I. Brief Comments on Yokohama Statement (5-10 minutes)
Veni Markovski, Internet Society -- Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
Toshimaru Ogura, JCA-NET (Japan)
Hans Klein, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) (USA)
Carlos Vera Quintana, UPADI  (Ecuador)
Chris Bailey, Association for Progressive Communications (APC) (United Kingdom)
Joop Teernstra, Constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners ( (New Zealand)
Jamie Love, Consumer Project on Technology (USA)

II. Discussion and Revision to Statement

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