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Environments for Pattern Language Development

Pattern Language Development

Two Electronic Environments

POOL (existing environment)

Open to all

"Ordered" by input date

Patterns not linked to other patterns

Updated by author

Very little process (although reviewing for conference was built-in and new feedback facilities just introduced)

WORK SPACE (proposed environment)

"Import" patterns from pool (as-needed; not wholesale or automatic)

Semi-closed (review by community, edit by editorial team, invisible to others--until open to all)

Not directly edited by author (unless on team)

Pattern management facilities (linking, reordering, deletion, pattern fission and fusion, "captioning")

Process will receive more attention

Archived CPSR Information
Created before October 2004

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Why did you join CPSR?

It's obvious isn't it ? Now more than ever CPSR is needed in a world full of complex questions and agendas.