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Issues (No Shortage!)


(No Shortage!)


Folly - biting off too much

Vanity - an impossible task. Unrealistic expectations

Conflict between efficiency / inclusivity and consensus

Conflict between authorized / open

Academic, Unusable, Sterile

Conservative? Mechanistic?

Is our project timeless or timely?

Patterns make sense for physical objects -- buildings, etc. but not necessarily for communication

Can't possibly represent the totality of our vision. Can't speak for all voices.

System itself: how evolvable?

Is a pattern language appropriate? For capturing / portraying this knowledge? Whose knowledge?

Is this approach true to its aims and philosophy?


Is a pattern in or out? Is there an implicit or explicit filter? Can the language be self-contradictory (at all?)

Authority: Who has it? To do what?

Governance: Who has time and resources to work on this? Codified rules? codified process?


Validation of patterns

Representation -- online, in book -- of patterns, pattern language

Name not obvious, project not comprehensible and/or accessible

Evaluation of project / process

Evolution of project / process

Assume Alexander's model as inviolate or only suggestive?

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