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Next Steps

Next Steps


Develop general criteria for patterns

Identify new pattern ideas and add to system

Merge patterns or split into multiple patterns

Eliminate and/or refine patterns

Add / remove / alter pattern attributes

Add suggestions, evidence or citations to patterns

Feedback approaches

Pattern Language

Determine broad and sub categories and order

Order patterns within categories

Establish links between patterns

Start workspace implementation

Identify "exemplars"

Identify candidates for importing (explicitly or by link endorsement)

Entire Project

Publicize effort

Solicit more patterns

Create online and in-person venues

Develop / refine pattern language (online and in-person) development process

Develop guidelines for using the language

Roles and Responsibilities of Pattern proposers, Reviewers, Editorial board, Editorial swat team, editorial cohorts (along thematic lines?), Pattern Community

Collaboration with academic institutions, other NGOs

Establish governance documents (e.g. principles, pattern criteria, processes [editing, decision-making, etc.], intellectual provenance)

Follow-on activities and events, e.g. workshop(s)

Think about intermediate products; What resources, applications, etc. could be developed, sought to support individual patterns?

Book proposal, book writing

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Why did you join CPSR?

I've been seeking organizations on the Internet that discuss topics of interest to me as well as give me the opportunity to come in contact and network with people near me of the same interests/field.