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CPSR Newsletter - 17, 1, Namioka
CPSR Newsletter

Winter 1999
Vol. 17, No. 1


Marsha Woodbury
Y2K: The Broad View

CPSR-Y2K Working Group Web Pages

Arthur C. Clarke
The Century Syndrome, from The Ghost from the Grand Banks

Anthony Ralston
Y2K and Social Responsibility

Peter Neumann
A Perspective on Y2K

Gary Chapman
Now For Another Daunting Y2K Task: Educating America's Masses

Lenny Siegel
OOPs 2000: The Y2K Bug and the Threat of Catastrophic Chemical Releases

Norman Kurland
How Y2K Will Impact the New York Times

Y2K and Nuclear Weapons

  • Letters Seeking Help on Nuclear Weapons Issues from
    Michael Kraig
    Alan Phillips

  • Four Prominent Scientists on Nuclear Weapons Concerns:
    Khursch Ahmed
    David Parnas
    Barbara Simons
    Terry Winograd

  • Gary Chapman
    A Moral Project for the 21st Century: Stop Creating Better Weapons


    Y2K Humor from the Internet and Beyond

    Cartoon (may crash older browsers)

    CPSR News:

    Aki Namioka
    A Letter from CPSR's President

    Netiva Caftori
    Chapter News

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  • A Letter from CPSR's President
    by Aki Namioka

    Dear CPSR Supporter,

    Valentine's Day has just passed, and spring is around the corner. So for this column, instead of writing about all the wonderful things CPSR is doing this quarter, I'm going to tell you a little story.

    When I joined CPSR in 1989, I was added to a local CPSR list called local-computer-activists. One of the highlights of this list was a regular publication from CPSR/Portland called CPSR/PDX. It was a wonderful, easy-to-read summary of local and national CPSR issues. I especially enjoyed the annual April 1st publication of CPSR/PDX, which contained spoofs so realistic that several people took them seriously.

    In March of 1992, Doug Schuler, CPSR's Northwest Regional Director at the time, asked me if I would consider being a candidate for that position since he wasn't going to run for reelection. I was flattered by the suggestion, but hesiitated because there were other active members in the Northwest who had been members longer. I suggested that Doug get in touch with the editor of CPSR/PDX. Doug immediately contacted him, and he agreed to run, but not unopposed. So Doug convinced me to run as the opposing candidate. I should have realized that Seattle's larger chapter base would help determine the outcome of the election. Nevertheless, I was surprised when Eric Roberts, then President, contacted me to say I'd won.

    Between 1992 and 1996, a couple of key CPSR/Portland activists moved up to Seattle. I was looking forward to working with them and eventually convinced one of them, Carl Page, to run for the Northwest regional position I had vacated when elected President. However, the other activist, the former editor of CPSR/PDX, remained scarce. His challenging new job was taking up a lot of time. Finally, after a couple of years, I decided to contact him to see if he could help with local CPSR/Seattle activities. We got together for dinner to discuss CPSR/Seattle and soon discovered we had more in common than a passion for CPSR. Last June we got married.

    Erik Nilsson's long history with CPSR and his interest in the organization have been a tremendous help to me over the last two and a half years. He has been a sounding board for issues--often helping me think through difficult situations. He has also been a vigilant editor for all my contributions to CPSR-related publications (except, of course, this quarter's column).

    My role as President has not always been easy, but we have made progress in some important areas. Our membership is growing, we have brought in some corporate and foundation support from organizations that haven't funded us in the past, and we have launched a new program. As some of you know, my term is up at the end of June, and I will not be running for another.

    I am grateful for Erik's love and support during my tenure as President.

    Thank you, Erik.

    Aki Namioka

    President, CPSR

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