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CPSR Newsletter Vol 18, No 2
The CPSR Newsletter
Volume 18, Number 2 Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Spring 2000

Ethics in Technology Elizabeth A. Buchanan, Ph.D.
& Netiva Caftori, D.A.

CPSR nowadays functions largely through its working groups. The concept of working groups has existed for many years but had mostly died out and only recently have we revived it through the creation of some new working groups and a renewal of old ones. When I came up with the concept of an Ethics Working Group three years ago, it seemed a bit odd to some. How can we do work with ethics? However the response to our individual call for participation proved positive and the Ethics Working Group was born. I still serve as the liaison to the board and Elizabeth is our current chair after she has designed our web site. The working group is very much alive and we are proud to present our first , hoping other newsletter from other working groups will follow....

One paper from the Electronic Communications Policy Group is included in this newsletter as we felt it is timely and fits within the scope of this newsletter dedicated to ethics.

-- Netiva Caftori, D.A. (also Midwestern Regional Director and Chair of the Membership Committee)

Welcome to Ethics in Technology, brought to you by the CPSR Ethics Working Group. The ethical challenges facing information professionals are indeed daunting, and ethics are certainly being put to new tests through the questionable potential of emerging technologies, fundamental changes in our societies and the equity or inequity among them, and ongoing, yet problematic efforts to teach people about ethics and computing. To meet these challenges, the CPSR Ethics Working Group--comprised of a committed, determined, and articulate group of individuals--has pulled together to offer its expertise and knowledge through this newsletter, our web site, and ongoing dialogue and conference meetings.

As the new Chair of the group, let me introduce myself and offer some ideas I would like to see occur in our group. I became involved in CPSR as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee a few years ago, and have seen interest in ethics and ethical issues grow and abound in these few short years. [ continued...]

What's inside...

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