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Call for Research Papers

Call for Research Papers

"Computer/Ethics Implications Post 9/11"

Many of the computer professional ethics codes encourage review and reflection - the year's anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon seems an opportune time for another look at how the terrain on some issues might have changed.

Some of the questions that come to mind that could be explored:

• Are the general moral imperatives outlined in the various codes of ethics and professional conduct pages adequate to cover 9/11 repercussions?

• Is there a "clash" of individual ethics, collective ethics, or privacy issues, as we face the realities of our nation being at war?

• Does "homeland defense" have ethical or privacy parameters that need to be explored?

• Is the "Patriot Act" morally/ethically valid?

We're looking forward to your views and input. We areaiming toward a November 1st, 2002 deadline. Research papers that would expand on this topic are welcomed. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Send submissions to the co-editors:

Dr. Chris Gray

Chairman CPSR's Weapons & Peace Working Group

and Dr. Gray's intern and CPSR Member

Mike McKnight

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