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CPSR Working Papers is a project launched in May, 2005 to publish a series of provocative, in-depth contributions to public thinking around computer-related issues, and to continue CPSR's historic role as a vibrant source of progressive thinking. While submissions should fall within CPSR's progressive approach to its mission, CPSR Working Papers reflect the views of individual members and are intended to stimulate discussion and provoke new thinking, rather than represent fully developed CPSR positions.

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Web Page CPSR Working Papers 2.8 kB 2007-04-09 18:08:33 published
Folder 4: Tucker: Computerized (DRE) Elections Are Not Trustworthy   2006-12-19 08:55:29 published
Folder 3: Johnson: Convergent Usability Evaluation   2005-12-22 17:37:36 published
Folder 2: Drake: Collective Learning   2005-12-02 17:10:17 published
Folder 1: Brigham: Outsourcing Jobs   2005-12-02 17:09:36 published